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# Dmitry Medvedev

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# Dmitry Medvedev
Former Russian president says country is ramping up production of 'most powerful' weapons
Medvedev, who serves as deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, did not provide details of the weapons.
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# COLD WAR 2.0
Russia is NOT happy about Donald Trump imposing new sanctions
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says the move is a “humiliating” defeat for Trump.
# From Russia With Love
Kremlin-critic Alexei Navalny jailed for 30 days after anti-corruption protests
Russian authorities detained the 41-year-old opposition leader and nearly 1,000 of his supporters.
# gym swag
Putin hits the gym, brings along a professional photographer
In Soviet Russia, iron pumps you.
# animal crackers
Russia's food sanctions are hurting the animals at Moscow Zoo
The animals have been caught in the crossfire of the tit-for-tat sanctions war.
# Russia
Police seize 'Putin in women's underwear' painting
The painting portrays Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev lounging together in lingerie.
# Surveillance
UK 'tapped phones and emails' of other countries at G20 summits
The Guardian says diplomats at a finance ministers’ summit in 2009 were tapped – on the day that a British-hosted G8 begins.
# Smoking
Russia's ambitious anti-tobacco plan aims to cut smoker numbers by half
Russians still smoke plentifully on public transport and administrative buildings, but all that could change under an ambitious new anti-tobacco plan.
# Russia
Putin loyalists set to win Russian local elections
Observers from the independent monitoring organisation Golos recorded more than 1,000 violations nationwide, including voter roll irregularities and multiple voting.
# Russia
Thousands of Russians gather for anti-Putin protest
Meanwhile, several key opposition leaders have been summoned by Russia’s top investigation agency for questioning ahead of the rally.
# Putin
In photos: Putin inaugurated for third time amid Moscow protests
Vladimir Putin begins new presidential term by formally nominating his predecessor as prime minister – the post Putin just vacated.
# Barack Obama
In pictures: Obama enjoys himself in South Korea
It’s not all dull being the leader of the free world, you know…
# Russia
'The outcome was never in doubt,' says Irish TD who observed Russian vote
Fine Gael TD Eoghan Murphy was part of an international mission that observed the Russian presidential election and said that the campaign coverage had been “biased” in favour of Vladimir Putin.
# Russia
Watch: Putin in tears as he secures victory in Russian election
Opposition candidates have claimed that the vote was “illegitimate” while one independent observer said there had been ballot-box stuffing.
# Russia
Watch: Vladimir Putin adverts attempt to woo 'virgin voters'
Two viral videos are causing a stir ahead of the Russian presidential election on Sunday.
# Russia
Russian secret service 'foils plot to assassinate Putin'
Russian state TV reports that two men have been arrested over an apparent plot to kill the PM after next month’s election.
# Russia
In pictures: Thousands turn out for anti-Putin protest in Moscow
Despite temperatures of -20C, tens of thousands have gathered to protest against Putin’s plans to run for the presidency again.
# Your Say
Poll: Should Ireland send a message of sympathy to North Korea?
Ireland has no plans to send its condolences to North Korea on the passing of Kim Jong Il. Should we send formal sympathy?
# North Korea
Kim Jong Il tributes trickle in from other countries
China, Russia and South Korea send messages of condolence, while other countries have merely ‘noted’ the Dear Leader’s passing.
# Russia
Russia's third-richest man to challenge Putin for presidency
Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team, says he will contest the election next March.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Sunday
In tonight’s Fix: ‘No referendum’ on EU deal; why some people want Ireland to change time zone; and how not to flee from the police…
# Russia
Medvedev responds to Russia protests with Facebook vow to probe fraud
But the prime minister’s status update was met with derision – with hundreds of comments expressing voters’ anger.
# Russia
Medvedev 'accidentally' retweets obscene pro-government message
A tweet from an outgoing parliamentary official, with some rather unparliamentary language, gets retweeted to 740,000 followers.
# Russia
YouTube videos may show evidence of Russian election fraud
Disgruntled Russian voters have been sharing videos which purport to show extensive rigging in Sunday’s parliamentary election.
# Russia
Russia: Protesters alleging election fraud clash with police in Moscow
At least 250 people were detained by police at a protest in downtown Moscow that included flare-type fireworks thrown at a group of pro-Kremlin youth
# Russia
Exit poll shows support for Putin's party down in Russia
The election is seen as a referendum on prime minister Vladimir Putin’s popularity as he bids to regain the presidency.
# Russia
Putin's United Russia party may lose two-thirds majority
Recent opinion polls indicate Vladimir Putin’s party could lose its parliamentary majority – making it unable to impose constitutional changes at will.
# Russia
Vladimir Putin tells West not to interfere in Russian politics
Formally announcing his presidency bid, the current PM warned Western leaders not to meddle in Russian polls.
# Cold War 2
Medvedev: Russia will deploy missiles if US shield goes ahead in Europe
Russian president takes a tough stance over the controversial missile defence shield,
# Shuttlecock
Russia wants to take over the world...the badminton world that is
Watch Vladimir Putin take on Dmitry Medvedev in a game of badminton.
# Eurasian Union
Putin proposes the formation of a 'Eurasian Union'
Russian President Vladimir Putin says the union would be based on a higher level of economic integration between former Soviet states – but insisted it was not some kind of re-formation of the Soviet Union.
# Russia
'He's more popular': Medvedev defends Putin's latest presidential bid
Gallery: Putin and Medvedev together at work and at play.
# Russia
Russia's finance minister quits... after being ordered to
Alexei Kudrin was publicly told to resign by president Dmitry Medvedev in a row over the country’s leadership.
# Surgery-ski?
Has Vladimir Putin had cosmetic surgery?
The face of the man certain to become president of Russia again is the subject of much speculation.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Saturday
Catch up on the day’s biggest news stories, as well as the bits and pieces you may have missed…
# Russia
Putin to run for Russian presidency in 2012
Vladimir Putin is to run for the Russian presidency next year, while current president Dmitry Medvedev is set to take over as prime minister.
# Syria
Death toll in Syria reaches 2,600 - UN
Navi Pillay told the Human Rights Council in Geneva today that at least 2,600 people have been killed in Syria since unrest broke out in mid-March.
# Diplomacy
Cameron and Putin meet for talks during rare visit
The British PM is in Moscow for talks aimed at rebuilding relations between the two countries.
# North Korea
North Korea ready to resume anti-nuclear talks ‘without preconditions’
After talks with Russia, North Korea is reportedly willing to start six-day disarmament talks without prior conditions.
# Bombshell
Russia finally decides: beer is not actually a food
Dmitry Medvedev signs a law that classifies beer as an alcoholic drink – ending its status as an unregulated foodstuff.