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This month
November 2023
Fines for serious dog offences to double following 'worrying' dog attacks
Fines for serious offences regarding dog control will be doubled to €300
Last month
October 2023
Dog Behaviourist: We have a dog welfare crisis in Ireland that we can no longer ignore
Suzi Walsh tackles the reality behind the ‘cute puppy’ trends and asks those looking for dogs to adopt, not shop.
'Don't dress your pets up' and other helpful advice heading into Halloween night
Most pets have much more sensitive hearing than humans, so are particularly vulnerable to fireworks.
Two women hospitalised after being attacked by XL Bully dog in Co Waterford
The incident occurred around lunchtime yesterday in an area in St John’s Park which is in the centre of the city.
Woman and dog airlifted to safety after being cut off by rising tide
The woman had been walking with her dog along the rocky shoreline when they were left cut off by the rising water.
Minister calls on advertisers and media to stop using unnecessary images of flat-faced dogs
It’s believed that portrayals of pugs and bulldogs have increased demand for the breeds, which face an array of health and welfare issues.
People across Ireland raise litany of complaints with councils about dogs running off-lead
A report by
Valerie Flynn
Fouling, aggression and flouting of the restricted breeds rules were among the complaints logged.
Man charged in connection with search operation that resulted in seizure of 19 dogs in January
Gardaí conducted the joint-agency search operation on Tuesday, 17 January at a residence in Pallasgreen, Limerick.
This year
The Explainer: What is the American bully XL and do bans on certain dog breeds work?
This week on The Explainer, we speak to Dog Behaviourist Nanci Creedon who tells us more these headline-grabbing dogs and looks at what evidence there is on whether some breeds are more aggressive than others.
Opinion: Banning the XL Bully won't protect the public in any real way
Paula Feaheny of Bremeny School for Dogs looks at the plans to ban XL Bully dogs in the UK and whether it will make any difference.
UCC introduces therapy dog programme to combat stress for students
The programme, the first of its kind at an Irish university, will see trained service dogs support student wellbeing on campus.
Dog behaviourist: How to read your dog's signals - they might not mean what you think
Some of the traditional beliefs around dog behaviour are not quite accurate, writes Suzi Walsh.
Stricter laws on ownership of dogs with cropped ears to kick in on 1 September
Cropping the ears of dogs is an offence in Ireland but at present there is no law in place against owning a dog with cropped ears.
Just 82 dog fouling fines were handed out by local councils in 2022
The National Council for the Blind of Ireland are calling on dog owners to clean up after their pets.
Dog behaviourist: A dog's separation anxiety is similar to a human's panic attack
Dogs live in the moment so those that suffer from this type of anxiety believe they are permanently separated from their human carers, writes Suzi Walsh.
Number of dogs being put down in pounds doubled in a year
Dogs Trust said there is a ‘crisis’ of unwanted dogs in Ireland.
On-lead and off-lead dog zones proposed for Dublin park 'so elderly feel safe'
The new rules for St Anne’s Park would designate a large area for dogs to run off-lead, amid a ban on nearby Bull Island.
Dog behaviourist: You can learn to speak cat - here are some tips
Suzi Walsh says there are subtle cues you can pick up from your cat if you want to understand what they’re trying to communicate.
Dog behaviourist: Keep your dog cool in the hot weather with these helpful tips
Suzi Walsh has some great advice for dog owners over these hot days.
Dogs Trust highlights 'huge rise' in unwanted dogs in Ireland as they save emaciated lurcher
The charity currently has 273 dogs in its care.
Charity warns dog owners about toxins in chocolate, hot-cross buns and daffodils
Dogs Trust are asking owners to be “extra vigilant” this Easter.
Four people to appear in court after 38 dogs found in inhumane conditions in Citywest
Other animals recovered from the premises included cats, parrots, tarantulas, a snake, a scorpion and a millipede.
Dog behaviourist: Dogs are complex - here are some tips on communicating with them
Suzi Walsh looks at the emotional makeup of dogs and offers some advice on how best to read their behaviour.
Dogs Trust Ireland sees a stark increase in post-Christmas surrender requests
The charity is urgently appealing to anyone who can help, as they are facing a “rehoming crisis”.
Dogs found dumped in Kildare bog likely suffered 'traumatic injuries'
Tests and post mortems have thrown renewed spotlight on the greyhound racing industry.
Over 100 dogs currently on waiting list to be surrendered to DSPCA
The charity told The Journal that it has also seen an increase in the number of older dogs being surrendered to the shelter.
Working group established around dog control and ownership after recent 'harrowing scenes'
The Agriculture Minister said ‘the harrowing scenes we have witnessed recently show the threat dogs can pose’.
Last year
Dog behaviourist: Tips for keeping your pooch safe and well this Christmas
Suzi Walsh has some tips for dog owners who want things to run smoothly over the holidays.
Dog behaviourist: Why Christmas is the worst time to get a puppy
Suzi Walsh looks at the controversial Christmas puppy market and says it should be avoided at all costs.
McConalogue writes to Cabinet in effort to tighten laws around control of dogs
This comes after a young boy was attacked by a dog in Co Wexford last month.
DSPCA seeking more volunteers due to 'concerning' surge in surrendered pet rabbits and dogs
The animal welfare charity describes the number of surrendered dogs as ‘unprecedented’.
Dogs Trust urges owners to watch out for their dog's safety and welfare on Halloween night
The charity said 31 October can be ‘the worst night of the year’ for canine companions.
Dog behaviourist: Tips and tricks for keeping your dog calm and safe this Halloween
Dog expert Suzi Walsh says the most important thing this Halloween is to keep your dog calm.
Poll: Are you a dog person?
This week in our Voices column, a dog trainer talks about communicating with your canine companion.
Dog behaviourist: Yes, you can 'speak dog' - some tips for learning
Getting to know your dog’s behaviour will increase your bond, says dog expert Suzi Walsh.
Oireachtas Committee recommends ban on owning dogs with cropped ears
At present there is no law in place against owning a dog with cropped ears.
Woman dies after being attacked by dogs at property in Liverpool
Merseyside Police has launched an investigation into the incident.
Dogs can sniff out the scent of stress, new study from Belfast researchers suggests
Researchers say the skill could be useful when training service dogs and therapy dogs.
Owners leaving dogs at shelters citing mental health issues, housing problems and cost of living
Animals in pounds that can’t be rehomed are often put down.
Debunked: Is it potentially dangerous to give dogs ice during high temperatures?
A viral post shared thousands of times during the heatwave warned against giving K9s ice, but is it true?