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# Exploitation

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Opinion: The EU's climate weakness this week will be welcomed by the biggest polluters
Trócaire’s Caoimhe de Barra says the EU watering down of legislation on big polluters this week was a huge disappointment.
# Exploitation
Northern Ireland paramilitaries coercing young people into crime
Young people were being ordered to take part in rioting during unrest in 2021, the Children’s Commissioner said.
# Exploitation
Gardaí call for more resources as online child exploitation 'spiralling out of control'
Thousands of cases have been forwarded to Ireland from the US.
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# Social Media
Facebook blames coronavirus for hampering efforts to remove suicide posts from its platforms
The social network also said it took action on fewer pieces of child nudity and sexual exploitation content on Instagram
# Online Safety
Gardaí concerned about children who 'live online but don't realise the dangers'
The head of the garda cyber crime bureau says under-reporting is a “huge problem” particularly in cases where the victim has been personally compromised.
Opinion: The tragic death of a Jeremy Kyle Show guest highlights the dangers of confessional TV
Some talk shows walk a thin line between sympathy, sensationalism and exploitation, writes Dr Finola Doyle O’Neill.
# Dublin
Man jailed for 6.5 years for sexual exploitation and defilement of child
The girl’s mother contacted gardaí after finding concerning messages on her laptop.
# worker rights
Migrant fishermen working on Irish boats suffer exploitation and 'get average pay of €2.82'
One in four fishermen have experienced verbal or physical abuse, according to a new report.
# Tom humphries
'The higher the profile and success of a member of society, the greater the fall'
Former sports journalist Tom Humphries has been jailed for two-and-a-half years for grooming and sexually abusing a teenage girl.
# Exploitation
Illegal non-EU workers common in care work and catering industry
Problems associated with illegal work include poor working conditions and risks to fundamental worker’s rights, a new report has found.
# Exploitation
Ireland 'failing' victims of human trafficking as number detected here rises
The Immigrant Council of Ireland said the Government needed to do more to protect trafficking victims.
# Sheffield
Girls given drink, drugs and gifts before being forced to have sex with strangers
Five people have been found guilty of child sexual exploitation offences in Sheffield.
# irish care leavers network
"We call this residential care, I call it institutionalisation of trauma": Group calls for better child protection
The Irish Care Leavers’ Network is dedicated to supporting people coming out of State care.
# Exploitation
'One woman didn't even know she was in Ireland': The reality of being sold for sex
Women are trafficked across countries and continents – some having been sold by family members or friends.
# Exploitation
Sham marriages are widespread in Ireland, according to Immigrant Council report
One international gang based in Dublin made millions by charging hundreds of Asian men up to €20,000 to marry vulnerable eastern European women.
# Exploitation
The majority of child trafficking victims in this country last year were Irish
A US government report was critical of Ireland’s system, which it says is failing to identify trafficking victims.
# Defectors
Working in a North Korean-run restaurant: 'Customers touched our bodies and pressured us to drink'
For some North Koreans, brutal work abroad is better than life at home.
# London
Police officer from sexual offences squad charged with child sex abuse
The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that DC Maitland is currently suspended from duty.
# Exploitation
These are the 24 biggest issues faced by carers in Ireland
A new report has called for stronger employment rights in the home care industry.
# Essex
Two pregnant women found among 68 trafficked in containers
The four men driving the vehicles have been arrested on suspicion of breaking immigration laws.
# óh mo dhia
The YouTube porn hidden behind the Irish language is now gone
The search results for ‘scannán’ or ‘scannáin’ are now markedly more tame.
# appalling
Ambassador who treated staff 'like slaves' ordered to pay them €240,000
But will Khalid Nasser Rashed Lootah invoke diplomatic immunity?
# Prostitution
Are there pimps living in your community?
A new campaign is urging members of the public to report any suspicions they have about sexual exploitation in their local area.
# Exploitation
Bill to fight child grooming introduced to prevent 'Irish Rotherham'
Cross-party support is being sought to pass the bill.
# Undocumented workers
New law to fix 'stolen wages' of undocumented workers
The amendment passed yesterday addresses a loophole regarding compensation for work or services carried out by undocumented workers.
# Vulnerable
Children in State care being 'placed in danger of abuse and exploitation'
There are concerns about the lack of supports for both children in care and those who have left State care on turning 18.
# Exploitation
Concerns raised about some Irish businesses involved with Qatar World Cup
As fresh bribery allegations throw the spotlight back on to Qatar, an Irish human rights lawyer has warned that the country’s ‘kafala’ labour system is leading to the exploitation of migrant workers.
# World Cup
Brazil worried World Cup will mean surge in child prostitution
Officials are now plastering public spaces with awareness-raising messages to warn tourists that child exploitation is a crime.
# Exploitation
'A huge step towards justice': Migrant Rights Centre welcomes Bill on undocumented workers
The new law will allow undocumented workers to take legal action against exploitative employers.
# Exploitation
Authorities recorded 48 cases of human trafficking in 2012
The figure includes 19 Irish minors, all of whom were reported as victims of sexual exploitation.
# Human Trafficking
45 people, including 23 children, were trafficked into Ireland last year
In 39 cases, those trafficked were subject to sexual exploitation.
# Prostitution
Committee on prostitution legislation to hear from award-winning journalist
A wide variety of people and organisations working with those involved in prostitution have been asked to give their views on changes to prostitution legislation today – including RTÉ’s Paul Maguire.
# Exploitation
New short film to highlight poor working conditions of migrants
The video features interviews with workers, economists and trade unionists about their experiences and the vulnerability of migrant workers in a recession.
# Badvertising
1982: Women’s bodies used to sell ‘everything from cars to chocolate bars’
A campaign dedicated to eliminating the degrading treatment of women in advertising wrote to the Taoiseach in 1982 to highlight the ‘continual humiliation’ of women in the media.
# Petition
Government called to act on exploitation of domestic workers
The national partners on the issue will call on Minister Bruton to ratify the Domestic Workers Convention. Some domestic workers were found to be paid as little as 25c an hour.
# Exploitation
Fiji's Josh Matavesi: Racing Metro paid me to skip World Cup
Munster coach Simon Mannix also revealed that “a cheque” was handed over to Fijians who turned down international call-ups.
# Exploitation
Irish children have been trafficked for 'criminal' purposes - report
A new report by researchers at UCC found that a significant number of children who applied for asylum in Ireland disappeared – and may have been trafficked.
# Courts
Migrant rights group says High Court decision leaves undocumented workers vulnerable
Today the court overturned a decision to grant Muhammad Younis an award of €92,000 in an exploitation case.
Column: 'You don't survive there long' - inside the mobile phone mines
Children in war-ravaged Congo are mining the materials used to make our mobiles. Film-maker Frank Poulsen describes the horror inside the tunnels.
# Blood Diamonds
Mandela charity ex-chief innocent in 'blood diamond' case
Supermodel Naomi Campbell testified that she gave stones – believed to have come from ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor, who is being tried for war crimes – to the former head of Nelson Mandela’s children’s charity in 1997.