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# Life on Mars
Nasa is sending a helicopter that weighs less than 2kg to Mars
The helicopter is being sent as part of the Mars 2020 mission.
# Alphago
A Google AI beat the world's best player at this ancient Chinese board game
“I feel like his game is more and more like the ‘Go god’. Really, it is brilliant,” the player said.
# outta here
Over 7,000 Irish prisoners got out on early release this year
Statistics contained in the CSO showed 45% of prisoners reoffended within three years.
# Pokemon Stop
Pokemon trainers are being told to stop trying to catch 'em all while driving
This is the world in 2016.
# strategise
The next step for Google's artificial brain? Playing one of the most competitive games out there
The popular 1998 RTS game Starcraft will likely be the next step for Google DeepMind.
# Artificial Intelligence
Explainer: Why is Google's AI beating a board game world champion so significant?
Google’s AI is currently winning 2-0 in a best-of-five challenge, but why it is such a significant event?
# think big
What's the best thing you could do with a caravan? Electric Picnic wants to know
Get out that mood board.
# go go go
Fine Gael adviser told to answer questions on payments from Rehab
Minister of State Paschal Donohoe says both he and the Taoiseach agree that Frank Flannery should face the Public Accounts Committee.
# one two three GO
Planning a stag party? Why not trick the groom into a bungee jump?
That’s what friends are for.
# Jepic
Here's your weekend sorted: Jedward go sheep shearing
Need we say any more?
# tri-harder
Tough going: Globetrotting triathlete refusing to ease up
London-bound Aileen Morrison has no time to complain while there are still targets to be hit.