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Photos: Previously unknown monuments unearthed using Google Earth imagery
Monuments dating from several centuries to several millennia ago are visible in the imagery taken in June 2018.
Ancient stone structures discovered in Saudi Arabian desert using Google Maps
The purpose and function of these “Gates” remains and mystery.
Google weaves storytelling, AI and 3D imagery to create 'stunning' new Earth app
“You can literally carry the whole world in your pocket,” said Google’s Gopal Shah.
One of Google's best services is now being offered for free
Google Earth Pro has removed its €349 per year pricetag and is now available as a free download.
Two guys faked an axe murder in front of the Google Street View car
… and accidentally sparked a police investigation.
16 bizarre sights captured by Google Earth in Ireland
Well, that was unexpected.
Residents fear house price drop as estate 'resembles a giant penis' from above
Google Earth, you are a cruel mistress.
'Lost boy' tells incredible story of using Google Earth to find home in new ad
A heartwarming tale of what technology can bring to the world.
Scientists can't find Pacific island called Sandy
“It’s on Google Earth and other maps so we went to check and there was no island. We’re really puzzled. It’s quite bizarre,” said the explorer.
What is the mystery Burren 'footprint'?
An intrigued Google Earth user thought they saw something strange on an image of County Clare’s historic Burren area. But what did the ‘footprint’ turn out to be?
Good news: Limerick not wiped off the map
Local TD Niall Collins claimed that Limerick was not on Google Earth and Maps but the company says it was there all along.
Google Earth virtual treasure hunt with a €50,000 prize
Virtual explorers are invited to solve the clues and find the mystery location.
Has Google Earth found God?
Has God visited Earth via Google Street View?