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7 graphs that accurately sum up modern life

Important viewing.

Source: instachaaz

DESIGNER AND ARTIST Chaz Hutton shared the graph above to Reddit yesterday. So far it’s been viewed more than 2.7million times.

Another chart of his is now also on the front page, with 500,000 views at the time of writing:

Source: instachaaz

Chaz draws graphs for his Instagram account, Instachaaz.

Source: instachaaz

Set up in August, his uncannily accurate insights into modern life have won him around 6,000 followers (so far).

Source: instachaaz

He covers a number of topics.

Source: instachaaz

Principally around the fact that we are all deceiving ourselves, all the time.

Source: instachaaz

And also, that vague sense of failure that accompanies so much of life.

Source: instachaaz

Basically, his drawings are great. Follow Chaz on Instagram here, or on Twitter here. You can see his other design work at his website.

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