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# Grindr

This year
Man accused of robbing men he met on Grindr is granted bail
Michael Quinn, 24, is accused of two counts of robbery and one attempted robbery in Dundalk.
All time
Man convicted of assaulting transgender escort after alleged dispute over payment
Ben O’Reilly was acquitted of robbing Fernanda de Freitas’s cash and phone.
Chemsex: How dangerous party drugs are sourced and stored in Ireland
The drug G, sometimes referred to as liquid ecstasy, is becoming increasingly popular.
Gay dating app Grindr under fire after revelation it shared users' HIV status with third parties
Grindr said in a statement that sharing data with the specific third parties was “industry practice”.
Stephen Port will spend the rest of his life in jail for drugging, raping and killing four men
The so-called ‘Grindr killer’ was sentenced to a whole-life term in court today.
'Grindr killer' Stephen Port convicted of murdering three men with date-rape drug
Port, who brought the men to his flat in London before secretly feeding them high doses of a date rape drug, was also convicted of three rapes
Social media use at priest training college to be reviewed after 'gay culture' allegations
The procedures for handing whistleblowers will also be looked at.
'Trainee priests going on a dating site, there's something wrong there'
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin today called for a new system for training priests.
Trainee priest at Maynooth describes atmosphere at college as "poisonous"
Another trainee has said that in his experience there is a culture of “keep your head down” at the training college.
"No concrete or credible evidence" of gay sexual activity at seminary, says St. Patrick's College
The college is responding to anonymous allegations of goings-on at the priest training college.
This Irish mammy read out her son's messages from gay dating app Grindr
“Group fun — what does that mean?”
This MEP is appealing for votes on Grindr
She’s not interested in advertising on electricity poles.
Gay dating app: No, the Olympics athletes did not crash our service
Grindr, a location-based networking app for gay men, says the influx of athletes to London didn’t cause its downtime.