Dublin: 10 °C Tuesday 30 May, 2023

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Man denies he fed ketamine to seagull after video goes viral
It’s not what it looks like, he insists.
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Giant seagulls have been killing sheep on the Dingle Peninsula
More tales of aggressive birds – including one who dove at a motorcyclist “like a Second World War Stuka”.
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Hungry seagulls had to peck holes in the ice ... that's how cold it was in Dublin this morning
Were they actually fishing — or were they just biding their time until the local Spar opened?
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Seagull lover talks to Caroline Morahan about the outrage of 'gull-ism'
“The robin is a fictional bird”.
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Scottish football player kicks high clearance... and hits a seagull in mid-air
Bring him to Ireland NOW.
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Bressie is the latest victim of Ireland's 'raucous' seagulls
He must have been carrying a lollipop.
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A senator thinks seagulls are "losing the run of themselves"... Well. Are they?
Gulls are terrorising the people of Dublin, literally stealing candy from children, and startling women with Chihuahuas — according to Senator Ned O’Sullivan.