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November 2023
Emily Hand - the 9-year-old Irish-Israeli girl held hostage by Hamas - has been released
The 9-year-old Irish-Israeli girl was originally believed to have died in the 7 October attacks.
Israel-Hamas ceasefire expected tomorrow, but release of 50 hostages won't begin before Friday
Hamas will free 50 of its roughly 240 hostages under the ceasefire agreement.
It is believed Irish-Israeli, 9-year-old Emily Hand is among the hostages in Gaza.
Hamas welcomed the "humanitarian truce" and said it would see 150 Palestinians released from Israeli jails.
The Israel national security adviser tonight said that there will be no hostage releases before Friday.
From the West Bank: 'Settler violence and military restrictions strangle Palestinian life'
Negotiations for truce agreement 'at final stage' as Israel PM says deal is 'right decision'
Family of Irish-Israeli girl believed to be captured by Hamas remain positive on her birthday
A birthday gathering for Emily Hand was held at St Stephen’s Green in Dublin.
This year
Video: Two women held as Hamas hostages are handed over to Red Cross
London-based Sharone Lifschitz said her 85-year-old mother, Yocheved Lifshitz, ‘seems OK’ after her weeks-long ordeal.
All time
Ukrainian police say hostages freed and man detained after bus siege
The assailant was armed and carrying explosives, police said.
Man shot dead in India after taking over 20 children hostage at his daughter's birthday
His wife was also beaten to death during the incident.
Gunman shot dead by police after holding bus passengers hostage in Rio
The man boarded a bus in Rio de Janeiro earlier today.
Three dead after man takes two women hostage in Zurich flat
Zurich police confirmed that three people – two women and a man – have died.
Four people taken hostage in shop in France
Police have surrounded the convenience store and evacuated the area.
Far-left French politician arrested over tweet appearing to celebrate heroic policeman's death
The policeman offered himself in exchange for a woman being used as a human shield.
Policeman who swapped himself for hostage in supermarket siege dies of injuries
Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame died early this morning. Emmanuel Macron has paid tribute to his bravery.
18 people killed in Kabul Intercontinental Hotel attack, including 14 foreigners
Afghan security forces killed all six attackers during the night-time siege.
'There was a guy walking towards us with a sawn-off shotgun': Witnesses to bowling alley hostage situation
The arrest came after police evacuated the area on being alerted to the gunman.
Eleven people killed as gunmen hold hostages at Somali city restaurant
The attack began when a car bomb exploded outside a Pizza House restaurant in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.
Possible terror link probed as police shoot dead hostage-taker in Melbourne
Three officers were injured as police stormed the building in the Brighton suburb.
Court hears man 'threatened to break his wife's teeth with knuckle-duster' at Ballyogan house
The man was refused bail and is due to appear in court again on 24 February.
Hostage situation at south Dublin house ends after woman released unharmed
The man who allegedly held her hostage has left the house this afternoon.
60 killed in Brazil prison riot with many beheaded and guards held hostage while inmates escaped
Officials say it’s the biggest prison massacre ever to take place in the area.
Hostages rescued after standoff with gunman in Florida
A SWAT team stormed the building after the gunman was distracted by two people making a run for it.
Sailors held hostage for nearly five years 'ate rats' to survive
The men – from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Taiwan – were captured by Somali pirates in 2012.
Men who killed French priest pledge allegiance to Islamic State in video
The young men hold hands as they swear “obedience” to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
20 hostages killed in Bangladesh, many "brutally hacked to death"
Around 20 people of different nationalities are being held hostage.
British hostage had photo taken with EgyptAir hijacker
“I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing to lose anyway”.
People-smuggling gang sentenced to over 80 years in prison
Immigrants had paid £10,000 before leaving India and were then held hostage at a flat in England.
Teacher talks down 14-year-old who held classmates at gunpoint
“We all held hands and said a prayer.”
Croatia's PM says he fears the worst for ISIS hostage, can't confirm death
The Islamic State group claims to have beheaded Tomislav Salopek, who was abducted last month in Egypt.
Isis threatens to execute European hostage unless jailed women are freed
In a video posted online by the jihadists, the Croatian identifies himself as Tomislav Salopek.
Woman escapes from hostage situation by ordering a pizza
The woman and her three children were being held hostage inside the house by her boyfriend.
Former FBI hostage-negotiation trainer explains how to get people to do what you want
Sometimes it’s more about listening to other people than making sure yours is the loudest voice.
Police officer stabbed in the head by man who took baby hostage
The 20-year-old man has been arrested.
IS claims an American hostage was killed in a coalition air strike
US officials have declined to comment on the reports.
'We will eradicate them' - Jordan launches full assault on Islamic State after hostage killing
The state says it is going after Isis “with everything that we have “.
Jordanian pilot held hostage by Islamic State 'burned alive'
The video appears to show Maaz al-Kassasbeh locked in a metal cage.
Islamic State claims it has beheaded Japanese hostage
Both US and Japanese authorities are trying to verify the footage.
'Decapitate him, burn him alive': Islamic State supporters call for hostage's death
Moaz al-Kasasba was captured last week after his plane was reportedly shot down in Syria.
Pilot captured after Islamic State shoots down coalition jet for the first time
It is believed a heat-seeking missile shot down the warplane.
'I'll Ride With You': A blueprint for how we should deal with terrorism
Yesterday’s gesture by a Sydney commuter was an extraordinary show of solidarity and humanity – showing what differentiates us is negligible in comparison to what unites us.
The Morning After: Australia remembers heroes of Sydney siege
Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson were killed yesterday.
Offensive letters, sexual assault and murder: The man who held a Sydney café hostage
Man Haron Monis was well known to police and had a significant number of charges against him before yesterday’s siege.
Three gunmen in Belgian siege 'taken outside with their hands in the air'
The victim is understood to be safe and well.