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# illusion

All time
# underwater or not
Nobody can decide what the hell is going on in this picture
Remember The Dress? This might be even more confusing.
# illusion
This Vine is wrecking the head of everyone on the internet
# the cat
Is this cat going up or down these stairs?
It”s been weeks since we had a new The Dress.
# What is happening?
These bags look like they are drawn for a cartoon but are definitely real
We literally can’t believe our eyes.
# You're a mentalist
The government will fall, Nasa will find life on Mars and The Book of Kells will get stolen - according to Keith Barry
The mentalist also says QPR will beat Man City this weekend.
# mind melter
This painting is an optical illusion and will make your brain hurt
It’s moving, it’s definitely moving.
Wait for it...
Could it be that… it’s just an illusion?
# actual magic
Incredible magician blows everyone's mind on Britain's Got Talent
But… how?
# What the...
Watch David Blaine freak the hell out of Ricky Gervais with crazy magic trick
It is hard to get your head around, alright.
# trick of the eye
Pretty ugly: The weird illusion that makes celebs unattractive
“The Flashed Face Distortion Effect” was accidentally discovered during an experiment in an Australian university…