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This is the greatest Fair City review you'll ever read

It’s Ireland’s ‘answer to the Wire’, apparently.

AH, FAIR CITY. Our home-grown soap has the nation divided, you either love it or you hate it.

This guy, IMDB user tonycliftonthrone, loves it.

He loves it so much that he gave it a 10 star review, compared it to The Wire, and even boldy stated that the producers had ‘brought out the best camera work that motion picture has ever witnessed.’

eFBP4Bb Source: Imgur

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Sadly, time has revealed that the Larry Gogan cameo was just a rumour.

However, while this pleasant review is clearly dripping in sincerity, the rest of the reviews aren’t as good:

It makes almost *any* other soap look like high art.
I would not recommend anyone to watch it unless they want to see how NOT to make a soap/drama.
The fact that this show is even let on the air should be considered a war-crime its that bad.
You just want to chew the table and pull your eyes out of your head.


Via Reddit

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