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This year
On the edge of the game - A weekend with Exeter City's Irish captain
Pierce Sweeney gives The 42 unique access into his life on and off the pitch at a time of major personal and professional reflection.
Last year
The South African view on Ireland's big test against the Springboks
SuperSport analyst Hanyani Shimange joined the lads on The42 Rugby Weekly Extra.
'Nothing but good things to say' - praise for Liverpool's Irish trio after title success
Lovely words for Niamh Fahey, Leanne Kiernan and Megan Campbell in Matt Beard’s guide to his squad.
All time
Star power with substance: Why Duff can make a difference at Shelbourne
‘I probably get too angry and emotional, something that’s developed over time. I think I get it from my mother. I probably need to calm down a bit.’
Wayne Rooney to discuss his battle with mental health in new documentary
His wife Coleen will talk about some of her husband’s misdemeanours.
Digital skills in an uncertain world
Life has changed suddenly and the skills we need to cope with this new reality have changed too
Navigating the state's wage subsidy scheme and an employer’s ability to reduce pay
The unprecedented situation facing society is the challenge of our generation.
Get out of your PJs - some practical advice on working from home
None of us probably realised how quickly many of us would be working remotely, here is how to manage it.
Video meetings, cyber-training, frustration: life in lockdown for Europe's footballers
‘There’s only so much Netflix you can watch.’
Managing social media during a crisis
How to handle brand’s digital presence during the Covid-19 outbreak and the Irish accounts getting it right
How delivery could be key to keeping food businesses open and customers safe
The arrival of Covid-19 around the world is bringing about momentous changes in how every business works.
Smart working is a key go-to for business continuity during a time of uncertainty
A guide to going remote during the Covid-19 crisis.
Right messaging, wrong platform - the tricky balancing act of creating the right impression
While Niall Quinn was a good Late Late Show guest, it might not have been the best venue.
'Mobile search is the key battleground'
What are some of the key trends in search marketing to look out for this year?
Managing communications and putting your people first is vital during a public health scare
As businesses worry about the potential spread of Covid-19, they need to have plans in place.
No more wilful blindness, much more individual accountability
Major change is on the horizon for banking culture.
Beyond woke: The important difference between awareness and action
What’s better than a ‘woke’ stakeholder? One that takes action.
Ireland should be braced for the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak
Assessing the potential impact of COVID-19 on Irish businesses.
Bracing for the storm: how Irish businesses can be ready for increasingly extreme weather
You can’t control the wind or the rain, but you can at least be prepared.
Do companies take cybersecurity seriously enough?
The hard truth is that there is no way that cybersecurity risk can be fully eliminated.
In an employee's market, businesses need to be on top of recruitment trends
Candidates are driving the hiring process so the onus is on companies to make it a positive process.
While Ireland private rented sector is burgeoning, Dublin's city centre is almost off-limits for buyers
For those with aspirations to buy a home in the capital, the city centre is no longer first-time buyer territory.
When it comes to privacy and data protection, businesses need to get the fundamentals right
Are enterprises doing enough to protect data protection rights?
The tech sector continues to drive the Dublin office scene but it's creating a two-tier market
Technology players took half of all accommodation in 2019 and are likely to be strong this year
As sustainability and climate concerns dominate public debate, investors are taking note
Environmental, social and governance factors have moved towards the top of the agenda.
As social media constantly evolves, making your business stand out can be trickier than it looks
Social media in 2020 – the do’s and don’ts for small businesses.
Vertical farming, AI and getting personal: Ireland and the business world in 2030
Business leaders give their take on the innovations, ideas and tech that could influence the next decade.
Then and now: How Ireland and the business world have changed from 2010 to 2020
Irish business leaders give their take on the influential innovations, ideas and tech that shaped the decade.
Vertical farming, AI and getting personal: what Ireland and the business world might look like by 2030
Business leaders give their take on the innovations, ideas and tech that could influence the next decade.
Then and now: How Ireland and the business world have changed from 2010 to 2020
Irish business leaders give their take on the influential innovations, ideas and tech that shaped the decade.
Why being a ‘resilient’ business means more than CEOs think
What exactly is ‘resilience’ and why is it so important?
Finding creativity in plain sight: How to question convention and allow inventive thinking to flourish
It’s people that are creative, not organisations.
To present with impact, motivate a crowd or nail an interview, become a good storyteller
The brains we have now are, first and foremost, those of oral historians, of storytellers.
Retail and social media are a match made in heaven, if it's done right
How to make social media work for your business this Christmas.
What are Ireland's entrepreneurs really like?
There is plenty to learn from those that have already walked the path.
Don't mention the B-word, but SMEs have a dilemma: Buy, lease or outsource warehouses?
With a decision in Britain looming, Ireland’s industrial property market is feeling its effect.
Peak online shopping season is upon us, here is how retailers can stay safe
Companies need to be proactive to stay ahead of a potentially costly cyber-attack.
Selling a business isn't always simple, here is what you need to know
It is not possible to see into the future, but succession planning is vital to be in the best tax position.
Without a strong brand, Irish companies are at risk of losing out on top talent to multinationals
How can Irish companies stand out amid fierce competition for skilled people?
Poll: Would concerns over the environment prevent you from buying fast fashion?
H&M’s boss has spoken out against shaming consumers of fast fashion.