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Last year
Jeremy Clarkson's Meghan Markle column becomes most complained-about article to UK watchdog
Ipso said the piece, which was removed from The Sun’s website yesterday, had received more than 20,800 complaints as of 5pm today.
All time
# Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph ordered to correct Boris Johnson claim that no-deal Brexit was public's favoured option
The ruling was made by the UK-based Independent Press Standards Organisation.
# one is not amused
The Sun defends "significantly misleading" front page about Queen backing Brexit
The IPSO ruling said that the headline was “not supported by the text”.
# Transactions
European Bank Holiday leaves employees without wages despite early warnings
No interbank transaction can take place across the EU today.
ATM fraud rose in 2013, so how do you spot a suspect machine?
The number of ‘card trapping’ incidents rose to 113 this year, compared to 9 in 2012.
# ATM Thieves
Con artists net €30,000 in space of a week using new ATM scam
The thieves are trapping customers’ cards, distracting them, and then replacing the valid card with a stolen or cancelled one.
# card details
Scammers targeting shops in attempt to get card details
In one case, the scammers convinced a shop assistant to ask customers for their pin numbers.
# Scam
Retailers warned of scammer ‘calling himself Mark’
The Irish Payment Services Organisation has said that there is a man posing as one of their engineers phoning shops.
# Money matters
Could Ireland ever become a totally cash-free country?
Irish people take out more money from ATMs than anyone else in Europe. So could we ever move to an electronic-only system?
# e-payment
Irish people shunning cash for cards - but still lag behind EU average
New data shows that Irish people are embracing cashless transactions – but we’re still behind the European average.