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# OMG It's Vincent
Jedward take on Vincent Browne
Meanwhile, one of the two singers may require vocal cord surgery ahead of their Eurovision appearance.

POP MUSIC DUO JEDWARD tried to test Vincent Browne’s knowledge of pop music and the latest additions to the Oxford English Dictionary, after the presenter asked if they knew who Paddy Cole and Finbar Furey were on last night’s Friday Late.

The two brothers reacted to Browne’s questions about drug-taking by saying that they have “genuine fun” when they go to events instead of having to take drugs to have fun, and added that they don’t drink alcohol.

One of the two, John, was hoarse in the interview and the Star reports today he has nodules on his vocal cords which could require surgery ahead of their Eurovision performance in May.

A spokesperson told the paper that medication and voice therapy will be used first to try to avoid surgery, but the hoarseness has been affecting Jedward’s preparations for the contest.

Jedward speculated that Simon Cowell will probably want tickets for the Eurovision, but didn’t seem keen to invite him.

Watch some of Jedward’s appearance on TV3 last night:

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