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# Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is now campaigning to improve conditions in women's prisons in California
She’s appealed directly to the Governor of California.
# save the world
California to become first US state to ban plastic bags
Under the Californian legislation, single-use plastic bags would disappear from grocery stores and pharmacies from 1 July, 2015.
# Gay Therapy
California bans therapy to 'reverse' homosexuality in minors
The state’s governor says the legislation should relegate such treatments “to the dustbin of quackery”.
# No Human Error
California signs law to permit driver-free cars by 2015
Jerry Brown travelled to the signing of the legislation in one of Google’s customised robotic Toyota Prius cars.
# Sunbeds
California bans underage use of tanning beds
Governor Jerry Brown signs a law which prohibits under-18s from using a tanning bed – raising the age threshold from 14.
# Same-Sex Marriage
California state attorney asks for immediate same-sex marriage
The state’s senior legal advisor wants unions to continue while the State Supreme Court considers upholding a total ban.
# California
Jerry Brown sworn in as governor of California
Democrat Jerry Brown has taken over from Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of the financially troubled state.