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Last year
Extract: Barristers have held positions of influence since the foundation of the Irish State
Niamh Howlin
Barristers' representative body recommends strike action over pay reform
All time
Neymar arrives in court as trial begins over his Barcelona transfer
Opinion: The hyperfocus on our punters blinds people to the real issues sex workers face
Swiss prosecutors mull appeal in Blatter and Platini fraud case
Defence lawyer: Rates of payment are miserable compared to the time, work and skill required
Darren Lalor
Barristers urge caution on widespread roll-out of remote court hearings after Covid
Ivana Bacik: Any trivialising of gender-based violence by the courts is unhelpful
Ivana Bacik
Opinion: The role of Attorney General should be more transparent - let's start by publishing the advice
Dr David Kenny & Dr Conor Casey
Opinion: Ireland is in prime position to hold social networks to account - and we must
Paul Tweed
Opinion: 'We are lucky in Ireland that we have a strong legal system where the rule of law is so firmly defended'
Ben Clarke and Róisín Cottrell
Ireland dismiss 'strange' Welsh complaints over Furlong's scrummaging
Record number of solicitors from England and Wales registered in Ireland this year
Opinion: The State's refusal to compensate survivors of abuse violates human rights law
Dr Conor O’Mahony
Why are abortion laws being restricted in the US right now?
Opinion: 'I'm not a victim, I am a survivor ... I don’t flinch when someone touches me'
Aicha Dounia
Government won't release Public Services Card report due to 'public interest' fears
Opinion: No one should be prosecuted for personal possession of drugs
Tony Duffin
Rape trial collapses due to 'unprecedented media coverage' in national newspaper
BreastCheck director concerned as programme receives 15 solicitor's letters in past two weeks
Recreational marijuana is legal in California from today
Case taken by Graham Dwyer against the state over use of mobile phone records 'could raise a number of legal issues'
Zimbabwe judge rules military action against Robert Mugabe legal
Pat Hickey court case over Rio ticket touting allegations suspended
Assange hails 'important victory' after Sweden drops rape investigation
Switzerland is selling legal cannabis that contains potential health benefits but without the high
Playboy model charged for posting picture of naked woman on Snapchat
Ireland's top judge is worried about the country's reputation
Alleged Islamic State recruiter has his deportation challenge dismissed
Two of our reporters have been honoured for shining light on heartbreak in the courts
Man sentenced for punching pregnant partner in the face
Court rejects extradition of man facing sexual assault charges in Liverpool
Ireland look for streetwise edge after bullying England boss Twickenham
Just what can election candidates use Dáil envelopes for?
A major IT upgrade means people who don't pay fines will have it taken from their wages
This same-sex couple want to get married... but are already father and son
Role reversal - legal immigrant begs to be deported as he's 'sick of Britain'
Someone's launched a (very) last minute challenge against same-sex marriage
Taoiseach clarifies that Ibrahim Halawa isn't facing murder charges
The NSA's massive collection of people's phone records is illegal