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# Men's Health

This year
Opinion: Should we rethink how we approach men's healthcare?
RCSI Professor Dr Seamus Cowman looks at the trajectory of understanding of men’s health in Ireland.
All time
Column: 'Men need to treat their bodies in a similar way as to how they treat their cars'
Prostate cancer accounts for over 30% of all male cancers but there is no national screening programme, writes Peter Gunning.
# Men's Health
Baldness and premature greying linked to increased risk of early heart disease in men
New research has found that hair loss and greying are associated with a more than fivefold risk of heart disease in men under 40.
# Tony Fenton Foundation
'When Tony was diagnosed with cancer, he was very low and couldn't find a way out'
A new charity launched in memory of Tony Fenton aims to facilitate honest conversations around men’s health.
# End of an era
Iconic Windmill Lane graffiti wall to be auctioned off for Movember
U2, the Rolling Stones and Sinéad O’Connor all recorded at the studio.
# Men's Health
'Typical man, 'I'm grand, no need to get it checked': Don't let prostate cancer sneak up on you
Tony Ward’s autobiography Twelve Feet Tall is shaped by his ordeal with prostate cancer.
# Men's Health
7 in 10 Irish men are overweight or obese but they're less likely to diet than women
Report finds men’s food choices are dictated by taste, habit and convenience.
# Ugh
Men's magazine apologises for offensive article on talking about sports with women
# the musical fruit
This cute animation will tell you exactly how a baked bean becomes a fart
Yes. A cute animation about farts.
# Men's Health
'PSA' prostate cancer screening reduces deaths by a fifth
The authors of the study said it is not the time to introduce population-based screening.
Opinion: I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 14 years ago – early detection is the key
Prostate cancer is common, and the risk increases with age, but three out of four men diagnosed won’t die as a result of their cancer.
Opinion: Warning! This article could seriously improve your health
Men: celebrate your health by taking this practical, 10-step challenge…
Opinion: Laughing our way to good male health – why we need humour in healing
Men take fewer preventive health measures and are less willing to seek medical help than women, but a little laughter goes a long way – even when getting a serious message across.
# hairy health
Movember moustaches fund groundbreaking prostate cancer research
In Ireland, the number of prostate cancers increased from 1,162 to 3,122 diagnoses between 1995 and 2010.
Column: We need to start talking about sexual dysfunction in an open way
It’s almost impossible to bring up the subject of premature ejaculation without provoking a cringe or a giggle, but it’s no joke for the one in five men (of all ages) who suffer from this common dysfunction, writes Trish Murphy.
Column: Men can communicate, just not like women
Men are constantly criticised for ‘not talking’ but they simply communicate in a different way to women; if we want to tackle male suicide we need to tackle their self esteem first, writes Tony Moore.
# Mo Bro
'They're never nice but at least they get people talking' - rugby stars gear up for Movember
The fundraising and awareness drive for men’s health has been supported by a raft of rugby stars.
Column: Men need to go to the doctor. Here’s why.
Irish males are in the spotlight thanks to Euro 2012, writes Colin Fowler – but do we realise the bigger problems they face?
# moobs
Blake Griffin shows us all how to lose that Chistmas gut
We could all do with shifting a few pounds after the festive period. Here’s how the ballers do it.
# Men's Health
Gene test may save prostate cancer patients from needless surgery
A newly developed genetic test could help to determine which men suffering from prostate cancer are likely to suffer from more aggressive forms of the disease, experts say.