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# Midterms

Last year
# Midterms
Republicans win 218th seat to claim slim majority in US House
The result is far short of the sweeping victory Republicans predicted.
# Midterms
US Democrats close in on Senate majority as counts continue
Midterms traditionally deliver a rejection of the party in power but Republicans did not perform as well as expected.
# the midterms
US midterms: As the election count drags on, focus shifts to the 2024 White House race
With 209 seats so far, Republicans appear poised to secure a slim majority in the 435-seat House of Reps.
GOP 'Red Wave' fails to materialise but control of US Congress still unclear
Joe Biden’s party defeated Republicans in several key races, defying expectations of a Republican surge.
Joe Biden’s party defeated Republicans in several key races, defying expectations of a Republican surge.
In one of the most bitterly-fought races Democrat John Fetterman flipped a senate seat for Pennsylvania.
Republicans held on to governors’ mansions in Florida, Texas and Georgia.
Ron DeSantis wins big in Florida as Donald Trump takes aim against him in pre-2024 threat
US Midterms: These are the big winners so far
# red on red
Ron DeSantis wins big in Florida as Donald Trump takes aim against him in pre-2024 threat
DeSantis has been easily re-elected as Governor of Florida.
# oh say can you see
Red vs Blue: Here's what you need to know before the US midterm results start rolling in
Once every four years the House, Senate and Governors take centre stage over the White House.
Once every four years the House, Senate and Governors take centre stage over the White House.
Rónán Duffy takes a look at some of the big races to look out for.
Larry Donnelly: The economy and independents will dictate the outcome of the US midterms
Abortion and the US Midterms: 'It's about my right to take care of my body'
# the midterms
Up All Night: America votes and we'll be following the results as they happen
Control of the House and Senate are at stake in the elections midway during President Biden’s term.
# Midterms
Biden tries to promote his two years in office as Trump hints at 2024 comeback
Trump may announce a presidential bid if Republicans do well in coming elections
# Midterms
Biden hits campaign trail in final uphill push to salvage Democrats
Biden will end the trip in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania, alongside the still popular former president Barack Obama
# mayor of easton
On the trail with MAGA-favourite Doug Mastriano as he hits the culture war notes in Pennsylvania
Mastriano is fighting an uphill battle to defeat his Democrat opponent Josh Shapiro.
# Streets of philadelphia
'Every single vote matters': Biden travels to Philly as activists hit local bars ahead of the midterms
With polling less than three weeks away, it’s all to play for in Pennsylvania.
# Midterms
Trump brands Biden 'enemy of the state' at Pennsylvania rally
Trump slammed a recent speech by Biden as the ‘most vicious, hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president.’
All time
# Florida
Judge says Florida election problems make it a 'laughing stock of the world'
The judge also rejected a request to extend the deadline for all of the state’s counties to submit the results of a machine recount.
# Recount
Florida election recount underway as millions of votes to be checked
The Florida secretary of state ordered the recounts yesterday.
# pimping it
A dead brothel owner from reality TV has been elected to a state seat in Nevada
Dennis Hof was found dead after a weekend of parties celebrating his 72nd birthday.
# US Midterms
No big upsets as Trump's Republicans keep Senate and Democrats take House
There’s already been a disagreement between Democrat Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump.
# a night of firsts
Making history: The fresh faces en route to Washington DC
The youngest-ever woman and Mike Pence’s brother are among those to win seats in Congress.
# Comeback
Mitt Romney, who Trump branded a 'stone cold loser', wins Senate seat
The former presidential nominee lost out to Barack Obama in 2012.
# Midterms
Long lines and technical issues as US voters go to the polls
The midterm elections mark the first major voter test of Donald Trump’s controversial presidency.
# Your Say
Poll: Will you follow the results of the US midterm elections?
Two years of a Trump presidency have heightened divisions between Republicans and Democrats.
# bitterly divided
'A battle for America's soul' as public go to the polls in historic midterms today
Will Trump’s divisive rhetoric win the day, or is there a Democrat resurgence looming?
# stop the music
Rihanna hits out at Trump following reports of her music being played at his 'tragic rallies'
Meanwhile, Trump has devoted his final days before tomorrow’s midterm elections to helping Senate and gubernatorial candidates.
# Up In The Air
Plan on following the midterm results on Tuesday? Here's what to watch out for
If you plan on following the midterm results, here’s what’s expect to make it easier for you to spot a political upset.
# Midterms
Republicans and Democrats trying to win hearts and minds - but would a high turnout benefit Trump?
Turnout is usually low for US midterms but indications are that the Trump effect could make this the most hotly contested in decades.
# A House Divided
Donald Trump is obsessed with 'winning', so what would losing the midterms mean for him?
Would the US President care, and should he?
# Midterms
A week after bombs sent to his opponents, Trump says 'fake news is creating violence'
Meanwhile, Trump hinted that he’d implement sanctions on Iran – through tweeting out a Game of Thrones themed image.
# red vs blue
The Candidate: Listen to our special edition podcast for the US midterms
Let us explain what’s happening on the other side of the ocean.
# red vs blue
The 'pink wave', abortion and gun laws: How the midterms affect topical political issues
There’s an argument over whether there’ll be a ‘red wave’ or a ‘blue wave’ on Tuesday – but let’s look at the pink wave first.
# red vs blue
Head to head: Seven interesting races to watch in the US midterms
Some of the races are virtually tied in the polls – can the Democrats flip enough seats to take back the House?
# land of the free
Red vs Blue: Here's what you need to know ahead of the US midterms
The elections come at a polarised time for US politics.
# celeb factor
Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon fails in her bid to be Governor of New York
Two-time incumbent Andrew Cuomo defeated Nixon in the Democratic race.
# I am not elected
So, how did that "I am not Barack Obama" ad work out?
Pretty terribly, as it happens.
# To the Polls
D-Day for Obama as Americans go to the polls
Could the Democrats lose the Senate? It looks likely.
Opinion: US midterm elections – why they’re important to America and the world
The midterms are equally worthy of your attention as the US presidential elections.
# Midterms
State of Play: How are the US Senate mid-terms looking?
Very good. If you’re a Republican.