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# Anger
'Allowing millionaires on the pitch sends the wrong signal' - Bundesliga restart draws criticism
World champion rower Oliver Zeidler has branded the situation ‘a joke’.
# National Lottery
The cost of playing the Lotto is going up
The cost of the Lotto Plus draws will both increase by 50 cent.
# gun control
Lotto ticket worth €6.1 million stored in Westmeath gun cabinet for safe keeping
Each family member will receive €1 million from the prize.
# inequality
One in 40 people living in Dublin is a millionaire, according to a new survey
The city’s 32,000 millionaires put it 10th on the list of European cities.
# filthy lucre
These are the places where the world's super-rich really live
Ever wondered which cities the mega-wealthy call home?
# budget 2015
The Socialists think they could raise €3.3 billion by taxing millionaires
The Socialist Party, or the Anti-Austerity Alliance as they’re calling themselves, launched their budget proposals today.
# make it rain
Who's missing from work today? The €86 million Euromillions jackpot has been collected
It could be… the guy who used to sit next to you in work.
# flashing the cash
You'd need the Cusack Stand to hold all of Dublin's millionaires
One in 40 people in the capital is a millionaire apparently.
# Money Money Money
How many new millionaires were created last year?
There’s a total of 13.7 million households with $1 million or more in the back pocket around the world at the moment.
# Back to Work
Burton wants to phase out "shelters" that help millionaires avoid tax
The Labour Minister said that this must be accompanied by a “strong safety net” to protect people.
# richlist
Here's what some successful people were doing aged 25
Not all of them got it right first time around.
# Dream Big
Discussion: If you won the Lotto what would YOU do?
Tell us your plans if you were to win a large chunk of cash. Go on.
# Rich List
Forbes lists the 25 richest musicians in 2012
Dr Dre came out on top, with Irish rockers U2 taking the fourth spot.
# tax the rich
France introduces 75 per cent income tax rate for millionaires
France unveiled the toughest package of tax rises and spending cuts ever seen in the country during an economic downturn.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Sunday
In tonight’s Fix: The weather gets worse, Brazilian bikinis get bigger, and Leo Varadkar gets his say…
# millionaires
Nearly half of Irish millionaires paid under 30 per cent tax
The highest earners tend to pay tax at a rate well below the standard top band, new figures show.
# millionaires
Millionaires now control almost two-fifths of all the world's wealth
Just 0.9 per cent of the globe’s population are millionaires but they hold 39 per cent of the money – even more than a year ago, a new study reveals.
# millionaires
Hey, millionaire, you think you're wealthy? You're not.
A survey by a investments company has said that millionaires only feel rich when they are worth about €5.4m.
# College can wait
100 entrepreneurs who made millions without a college degree
The top US business folk who carved their own path to the American Dream…