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Quiz: How much do you know about impeachment?
Feeling unimpeachable when it comes to impeachment history?
Trump/Nixon: There were clear Nixonian echoes in Trump's attack on the media this week
“The press is your enemy,” Nixon once told officials. “They’re trying to stick the knife right in our groin.”
Newly-released Nixon tapes reveal conversations with Reagan, Bush... and Pele
The Richard Nixon Presidential Library has released 340 hours of recordings which provide new insight into the final months of the disgraced US president’s time at the White House.
Bernstein on Watergate: ‘We were afraid we’d make a mistake’
41 years ago today, the Watergate break-in took place, which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. Carl Bernstein, one of the journalists that broke the story, was in Dalkey last night to speak about how it changed America.
Column: Who were the greatest and worst US presidents - and why?
On the eve of Obama’s second inauguration, Felix M Larkin looks at what it takes to be considered a great president – and why it matters.
Daniel Day Lewis and 4 other actors who are the spit of US presidents
How did hair and make-up do on these guys?
In pictures: the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969
From launch to landing: NASA archive images from the first successful manned moon landing mission.
After 40 years, the 'what ifs' of Watergate scandal are still tantalising
Forty years on from a late night break-in that would eventually lead to the first and only resignation of a US President there are plenty considering the “what ifs” of the scandal.
Setting the record straight on Watergate at Nixon Library
Exhibit at Nixon’s presidential library had been criticised for attempting to whitewash the Watergate scandal.