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Which Takeaway Pizza Chain Is Your Spirit Animal?

Only one takeaway pizza place truly gets you – find out which one right here.


1. Choose your favourite topping from these...
Red Peppers


2. Are you a fan of ordering a sneaky takeaway pizza after a night out?
Yes, I have been known to do this
Nah, will get something when I'm out
3. How do you usually order?
By phone

I collect it in store
Through an app
4. Select a dipping sauce...
5. Have you ever made your own pizza from scratch?
Yes, I have
No, that's why I pay somebody to drive to my door with food in exchange for money
6. What is the most important thing to you when it comes to pizza delivery...
Quality of pizza
Value for money

Speed of delivery
Soundness of the delivery driver
7. Do you share your pizza with others?
Yes, me and my friends order together and share everything
No, I don't share my pizza
8. Choose your ideal crust...
9. And finally... leftover pizza should be eaten...

Leftovers? What are you talking about?
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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Nothing comes close to Domino's for you. You've tried the others, but they just can't match the Domino's quality. Their ridiculously late opening times have also been your saviour in the past.
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Apache's good value pizzas have been your friend for some time now - and this scientific quiz only proves what you already know. Apache is your best pizza friend, and will always there for you.
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Four Star
Their unique thin style pizza has always been there for you - it's truly your takeaway pizza spirit animal. Enjoy it to the full.
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Pizza Hut
You don't mind going out for your takeaway pizza as well as having it delivered to your door. Pizza Hut has you covered.
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You can't get enough of the epic wagon wheel and everything about the Mizzoni menu just fits your pizza-loving needs.
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Papa John's
The best thing about Papa John's is that you can get some sides off the Supermac's menu while you order. This is the kind of perk which sees you beating on their door time and time again.
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