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# Polar Bears

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Global warming could see most polar bears disappear from Arctic by 2100
Researchers said ‘aggressive’ cuts to greenhouse gas emissions are needed.
Tourists 'gobsmacked' by sight of polar bears crowded on Russian Arctic island
Climate change means ice, where polar bears are most at home, is melting earlier in the year.
Russian scientists trapped in weather station for two weeks by polar bears
The area around their facility was surrounded by ten adult bears, and several cubs.
Hungry polar bears trap researchers in weather station
The workers are living in a remote weather station on the north Russian island of Vaygach.
Global warming means polar bears are now eating dolphins for the first time ever
Desperate measures.
This guy gets to film polar bears for a living (and one tried to attack him)
Meet Gordon Buchanan.
At last: Study explains why polar bears are fat and yet healthy
It’s all down to genes and some super-speedy evolution.
Newborn polar bear twins enjoy a heart-melting snuggle
This. This is too much.
Irish adventurers return from Arctic with stunning photos, mild sea-sickness
The eleven person team – ranging in age from their early 20s to early 60s – are back on dry land after an epic voyage to Greenland and a turbulent return sea journey that “put manners on everybody”…
13 animals who are just a bit fed up
They’ve had it.
Referendum Free Zone: the Internet's best offerings to get you through the moratorium
Cats, kids and polar bears! What referendum?
It's Friday, so here's a slideshow of baby polar bears from around the world
Fridays were made for baby polar bears…
The Daily Fix: Sunday
In today’s Fix: Fears of more violence in London, the return of ‘Doctor Doom’ and how having 200 TV channels is now officially a human right..
Polar bear ancestry traced back to... Ireland?
Yep. Scientist have linked modern polar bears with ancient Irish brown bears.
Polar bear cub needs new home after rescue from Alaskan oil field
Four-month-old cub was found wandering alone in Alaskan oil field after being spotted weeks earlier with her mother and sibling.
World famous polar bear Knut dies at Berlin Zoo
Four-year-old polar bear generated huge interest and funding for Berlin Zoo when he was hand-reared by keepers.