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This year
The Wolfe Tones: A sensation once again, but why?
“Commentators are actually the ones who need to educate themselves,” one Electric Picnic goer tells Dean Van Nguyen.
Ipsos survey: Girls in green have created new football fans with World Cup dream
Majority of women aged under 35 are interested in the tournament as are 3 out of every 5 mothers, writes Ipsos director Kieran O’Leary.
Analysis: Sinn Féin's mortgage interest relief proposal is a terrible idea
Mortgage interest relief is anti-poor, almost by definition, writes Ciarán Casey.
The squeezed middle: What we should learn from the Great Recession of 2007-2013
By studying and learning from the effects of the Great Recession, policy makers can gain valuable insights into how to respond to the cost-of-living crisis.
Lorraine Clifford-Lee: The law on pregnancy concealment is outdated and cruel to women
The Fianna Fáil senator says the current legal approach to these cases is entirely out of touch with trauma-sensitive approaches.
Last year
Opinion: We are all climate reporters now
The public is telling the media what it wants, writes Dr David Robbins, and that is trustworthy, engaging climate coverage.
Opinion: EU moves to tackle food insecurity cannot be at the expense of others
Ukraine conflict has exacerbated Covid disruptions and rising costs of energy and fertilisers – and not just in the EU.
Opinion: We need to match talk of 'patient revolution' with Chief Patient Officer role
Patients have been kept on the outside of their healthcare experience; they should be promoted to educators and decision-makers.
Jan O'Sullivan: Decisions in the Dáil affect us all, which is why it needs more women
Quotas alone will not bring about equality of representation writes former Labour TD Jan O’Sullivan.
Clodagh Finn: Let's look at what women did in history, not what they weren't allowed to do
Author Clodagh Finn on the women who are too often relegated to the footnotes of history.
All time
Opinion: 'We can't export our way out of our fast fashion addiction'
Caitriona Rogerson highlights the social and environmental cost of the second-hand clothing trade on African countries.
Saoi O’Connor: COP26 won't give us what we’re fighting for - only the people can do that
The Irish climate campaigner says framing COP26 as the focal point of global climate action is robbing us of our own collective power.
Opinion: The climate crisis will cost us money, but way more money if we wait any longer
Budget 2021 won’t bring long-term equality and fairness with the spectre of climate change, writes Dr Shana Cohen.
Opinion: Asylum seekers with disabilities are largely invisible in an already difficult system
Asylum seekers with disabilities in Direct Provision must be afforded equal rights when compared to people with disabilities outside Direct Provision, Keelin Barry writes.
Opinion: To boldly go - how science fiction inspires space exploration
More mythical material gives us more stars to aim at, writes Jack Fennell.
Ireland's ancient astronomers and the alignment of our prehistoric monuments
Anthony Murphy outlines how the ancient dwellers built clever structures to work in harmony with the cosmos.
Opinion: What is ISIS-K? Two terrorism experts on the group behind the Kabul attack
ISIS-K, an affiliate of the Islamic State group, claimed responsibility for the Kabul terrorist attack.
Opinion: We need public transport that feels safe for women
Perceptions of safety are a significant factor in women’s travel choices, so we need to create a better environment, writes Rachel Cahill.
Opinion: 'Formal childcare for small babies in Dublin is a fiction. It effectively does not exist'
‘Ask your Ma for help’ is not a good public policy for childcare in Ireland, writes Liz Carolan.
Opinion: Freedom to practice religion must be respected - including communions and confirmation
There’s a clear economic interest in the State allowing the resumption of economically productive indoor activities, writes Dr Donal Coffey.
Opinion: 'The shift coming in Irish agriculture must be transformational - but it will be positive too'
Minister of State for Agriculture Pippa Hackett writes that the future for farming in Ireland should see increased incomes and decreased emissions.
Pearse Doherty: Davy's top brass can’t lose when there's no accountability
Legislation to underpin individual accountability in the financial sector must be published without delay, writes the Sinn Féin TD.
Opinion: As we gradually return to normal, we need to stop the creeping Amazon-ification of our economy
Everyone should have the right to a living wage, job security and decent work conditions, writes Victor Duggan.
Opinion: Why are home make-over tv shows so popular in Ireland?
Property programmes thrive in societies where home ownership is the most valued and celebrated housing ideology, writes Emmett Scanlon.
Opinion: Ireland is yearning for strong defences against landlord despotism
Building social housing means building homes, writes Dean Van Nguyen.
Opinion: Bogus clothes collecting denying legitimate charities access to much needed funds
Double check if in doubt when approached for clothing donations to ensure those in need benefit.
Mark O'Halloran: 'My career might be judged a success - but when it comes to the property market, I'm a complete failure'
“Our political class have forgotten that housing is a right and not simply an opportunity to redistribute money upwards to the wealthy,” writes Mark O’Halloran.
Column: The history, politics and identity of Chinese martial arts
Maynooth University lecturer Dr Lu Zhouxiang explains how martial arts have been a bridge from China to other countries around the world.
Opinion: Without a public childcare model there can be no equality for women
The National Women’s Council says inadequate State investment in childcare has led to an unsustainable system in crisis.
Opinion: Low ambition and poor policy keeping people with disabilities out of workplace
Joan O’Donnell writes that it’s time to ditch failing strategies and embrace an inclusive future of work.
Opinion: The future of work after Covid has to be better than what we currently have
The great political challenge of the pandemic is fixing workplaces to be better than they are, writes Michael Taft.
Poor interpreting having impact on patients, victims of crime and those seeking asylum
Mary Phelan writes that lack of accredited training and poor service are having huge consequences and must be addressed by the State.
Opinion: Migrants are forced to do the worst work without access to rights
Youth Against Racism and Inequality (YARI) activist writes that immigrants and people of colour are leading the force for change internationally.
If we want to protect urban horses, we need to work with their owners
DSPCA education and community outreach projects are trying to address welfare issues facing loose horses in the greater Dublin area.
'Between vaccines and restrictions, we need to look at how pregnant people are being treated'
This country has a long history of treating pregnant women and girls appallingly; the pandemic should not be an excuse to continue to do the same, writes Seána Glennon.
Column: 'Pontins only achieved such rapid notoriety because it targeted common Irish surnames'
Two decades on from a landmark case in Britain, discrimination is still an everyday experience for Travellers, writes legal affairs journalist CJ McKinney.
Opinion: That dodgy Covid story you saw on Facebook here in Ireland? It probably came from abroad first
Misinformation is now local, global and transnational all at the same time, writes Shane Creevy.
The deeper lesson from GameStop: Let's look at taxing the speculators who gamble for financial gain
Rather than looking for swingeing spending cuts or increased taxes on work, how about we start at the top, writes Victor Duggan.
Opinion: 'All couples should have the right to become parents when faced with infertility'
The Government needs to take action and implement the model of care for infertility, writes Emma Mc Dade.
Opinion: 'Once a bike is stolen it's unlikely you’ll get it back'
The serial number is reported to Gardaí for only one in 16 stolen bikes, writes Dublin Cycling Campaign’s David Timoney.