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# redhead convention
Here's what happened when thousands of redheads gathered in Cork at the weekend
It looked like a lot of fun.
# ginge
Here's what happened when thousands of redheads gathered in Cork at the weekend
So many gingers.
# Not Fair
People with red hair are more at risk of developing skin cancer
Being born with a red hair gene may double your chance of developing skin cancer.
# bar rua
Dublin's newest pub is looking for 'red-haired bar staff'
It’s called Bar Rua, you see. Geddit?
Ginger people don't need your sympathy, we're doing just fine thanks
There’s a ginger convention on this weekend, and far from settling scores it’s going to be a giant party writes Paul Hosford.
# ginger love
11 superb celebrity gingers to consider on National Kiss a Ginger Day
It’s TODAY. Quick!
# Flamin'
Are you a redhead? Are you into redheads? Read on....
The fifth annual Irish Redhead Convention takes place later this month.
# young sci 2014
Are redheads more flexible than other people?
A project from a young Galway student at the BT Young Scientist and Technology exhibition set out to discover the truth…
# true or false
Debunked: Are redheads, gingers, and strawberry blondes going extinct?
Someday in the future, that pesky MC1R could be a thing of the past, if this myth is to be believed.
# big red
10 people who are giving redheads a hard time
Leave it out!
# Red all over
Going ginger: Ireland's favourite hair colour is 'fiery red' - survey
The Garnier survey shows that Ireland has switched its hair colour preference from blonde to red over the past year.
# Gingers
Demand for redheaded sperm in decline... except from Ireland
The world’s largest sperm bank says supply is outstripping demand for sperm from redheaded donors from most countries except Ireland.