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British Airways suspends all direct flights to and from mainland China as coronavirus death toll rises
The death toll from the virus has reached 132.
Cambridge scientists went to the bother of finding out more about the sound of a dripping tap
They have also identified a simple solution to stop it.
Japanese scientists invent 'wood alcohol' made from trees
The scientists hope to have the product on shop shelves within three years.
Galaxies grow bigger and puffier as they age, new study finds
“This is the first time we’ve shown shape and age are related for all kinds of galaxies.”
170 million-year-old dinosaur footprints discovered on Scotland's Isle of Skye
Discovery of fossils from this age, the Middle Jurassic, has been limited to a handful of sites around the world to date.
MEPs to vote on scrapping daylight saving time 'for health and safety reasons'
A new EU study said that health research associates DST with disruption to circadian rhythm.
Scientists fix disease genes in human embryos for the first time
Just over 72% of the embryos ended up being free of a heart disease-causing mutation.
Scientists find visual symptoms that could help early detection of Parkinson's
Non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms may precede the appearance of motor signs by more than a decade.
Trinity scientists discover how cancers 'hoodwink' the immune system to help them
A molecule in the body called TRAIL can be ‘re-wired’ in tumours to promote growth of cancer cells
'Organs could be grown in pigs for transplants': Scientists eye breakthrough
The study has provoked ethical and legal questions.
Irish scientists' breakthrough could lead to virus immunity
Trinity’s Immunology discovery could help restore our natural immunity to viruses such as Ebola, Zika and SARS – as well as the common flu.
Ketamine being tested in Ireland as depression treatment
The trials are being run by Trinity’s psychology department.
Scientists simulating Mars mission can't wait for isolation to be over
The volunteers have been living on freeze-dried food and trying to avoid personal conflicts.
Irish doctors find unusual 'violent trauma' injury in young rugby players
The ‘acetabular fracture’ affects the socket of the hip bone.
Sperm has been made from mouse stem cells paving way for treatment of male infertility
Scientists say the breakthrough may lead to ‘exciting new’ fertility treatments.
All female Russian space crew asked about not being around men and having no make up
The scientists involved had some fairly curt responses for the journalists involved.
The juice of this fruit could save you from a dreadful hangover
The juice of a pear can help reduce levels of the toxic metabolic thought to be responsible for hangovers.
Scientists have found a way to make you have an out-of-body experience
And they can teleport you. Which is cool.
Watch these scientists freak out when they encounter a rare whale
Ireland's second biggest cancer killer will soon be able to be spotted in €25 test
Each year almost 2,500 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer, with 1,000 dying from it.
A new injection could 'cure' double chins
Assuming you think a double chin is a terrible thing worth curing, obvs.
Stop everything: Scientists can now UNBOIL an egg
The results may have implications for cancer treatments.
Do plants have any good ideas that we can steal?
A new database developed by researchers in Trinity has amalgamated plant data from around the world.
Could depression soon be diagnosed through a blood test?
A breakthrough in research in the US suggests that depression could soon by diagnosed via a blood test.
New dinosaur species bigger than T-rex and heavier than seven elephants
Pieces of the dinosaur were first discovered in 2005 but it has only recently been named in a study of its bones released yesterday.
Sending electrical current to brain could help treat Alzheimer's
The treatment has now been proven to improve memory and could help in other memory disorders, like from stroke or brain injury.
Living forever may never be possible, says scientific study
But we have so many things we were planning to do with our immortality.
Fist bumps are the least infectious way to say hello
Forget hand shakes and high fives.
Scientists make 'major step forward' in predicting whether someone will get Alzheimer's
Scientists found they could predict the beginning of Alzheimer’s with 87% accuracy.
'Supercool' breakthrough in organ transplants could make massive difference, says scientists
The technique of keeping organs super cold has been found to keep livers alive for three times longer.
Oops: Big Bang scientists say they got it wrong
The researchers had avoided the media after making a breakthrough in confirming how the universe was born.
Scientists get €47m for research in cancer detection, epilepsy and sustainable food
The €47 million in funding will support 200 researcher positions and 36 research projects.
New treatment for most common type of arthritis could be here in 5 years
Around 400,000 people in Ireland suffer from osteoarthritis.
Scientists say a pill could be the cure to jet lag
It could be available in the next five years.
How effective are online treatments for depression and anxiety?
A new study being undertaken by researchers in Trinity College is trying to find out…
Help on the way for ship trapped off Antarctica since Christmas Eve
The ship has 74 people aboard for a scientific mission
The non-essential but interesting scientific discoveries of 2013
Penis size matters, women want to eat babies and hangovers get better later in life.
Scientists make raindrops 'bounce' faster and that's good news
Why? Because it can lead to the creation of a whole new generation of better-performing water-resistant materials, from clothes to airplanes.
NUIG scientists find deep-sea world off Irish coast
The underwater organisms could be more than 200 years old.
How did a woman get the world's first human case of H6N1 bird flu?
A 20-year-old woman was found with the virus after presenting to hospital with flu-like symptoms.