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Poll: Should self-driving cars be legally allowed on Irish roads?
The government is set to discuss a proposal to test self-driving cars on public roads.
Self-driving cars might be coming - but motorists don't want to hand over the keys
Mazda research shows European drivers still want to be behind the wheel.
The 6 levels of self-driving car - and what they mean for motorists
SAE has defined six levels of autonomy for self-driving, here’s what they mean.
How far are we from seeing driverless cars on Irish roads?
Technology is way outpacing lawmakers who need to prepare for major changes.
Emails between Google and Uber show how the tech giants became enemies
Uber was suspicious that Google was going to launch a competing lift-sharing service.
Uber has put the brakes on its self-driving cars in California
Self-driving Uber cars were being tested in defiance of a state order to halt the programme.
Google has added 100 spanking new cars to its self-driving fleet
These cars are due on the public roads early in 2017.
One in six people would let their kids use a self-driving car
5,000 adults reveal how they would pass time in autonomous vehicles.
These taxis can drive themselves and are ferrying people about in Singapore
It’s part of a trial, but the company behind it hopes to have a fully self-driving taxi fleet there by 2018.
Volvo and Uber join forces to get to the future faster
Volvo Cars and Uber project will see the companies develop autonomous driving cars.
Autonomous cars - the future is already here
Self-driving cars are not just visions for the future, many cars already have autonomous technology and features onboard.
Google's self-driving cars learned an important lesson about driving near buses
Thankfully neither of them were travelling at speed when they crashed.
Google's self-driving cars are still leaning on its drivers for tight situations
Its autonomous cars experienced 272 cases where drivers were required to grab the wheel, and avoided 11 crashes.
This is how self-driving cars are learning to deal with bad conditions
The likes of Google and Ford are teaching their autonomous cars to drive safely in snowy and wet conditions.
This car has just learnt how to park itself
The Tesla models can now self-park without a driver inside thanks to a computer update.
Trucks that drive themselves could be on public roads sooner than you think
Mercedes Benz demonstrated a modified articulated truck that was capable of driving itself on a public motorway.
Google's self-driving cars have been in 12 accidents, but none were their fault*
*Although a company employee was in control of one at the time of one crash.
Google tests its self-driving cars in a 'Matrix-style' virtual simulation
The cars have virtually ‘driven’ more than 6.4 million kilometres inside the simulation, which recreates California’s road system.
Google envisions self-driving cars being used as ad-powered taxis
The company was awarded a patent which would allow businesses to offer customers a free or discounted trip to their stores.
54 million self-driving cars to be on the roads by 2035
It’s expected that by 2050, vehicles with self-driving capabilities will outnumber manual cars across the globe.
Self-driving cars get the nod... in Nevada
Google awarded license to operate tests on auto-pilot cars.