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Workers agree to suspend strike at Dublin Port for talks with company about pay and safety
72 hours of work stoppages were due to commence from Monday.
Opinion: Suez Canal container ship accident is a worst-case scenario for global trade
The container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal on Tuesday, blocking the passage of other ships and causing a traffic jam for cargo vessels.
Norway is about to build the world's first tunnel for ships
Construction of the Stad Ship Tunnel is set to begin in 2019.
These people have locked themselves in a container for 24 hours
There’s just one very small portable toilet.
The €19,000 gold Apple Watch Edition sold out in China in less than an hour
Some versions of the Apple Watch are available for pre order across Europe and the US from today.
Ship carrying radioactive concrete catches fire off Scotland
The Parida caught fire late last night.
That's a lot of stuff!... This ship has set a world record for most containers ever carried
The Mary Maersk is so big that the Spanish port she left from had to be equipped with new cranes before the shipment could be loaded.
Trading up: Ireland exported €1bn more in a month compared to last year
Pharmaceuticals remain the backbone of the country’s exports.
How many bananas do the Irish eat in a week?
A fly-on-the-deck doc sees Cork, the world’s second largest natural deep water harbour, give up its secrets.
Rolls-Royce plans to change the shipping industry by developing drone cargo ships
The drone ships would be remotely controlled using a virtual-reality recreation of a vessel’s bridge, which captains on dry land could use to control crewless ships.
J.K Rowling says that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together
We say NAY.
Amazon gain patent allowing it to ship goods before you order them
The patent would allow Amazon to deliver goods it believes you will order based on your shopping and search history.
Clampdown on Somali pirates leads to 40 per cent drop in incidents worldwide
15 incidents were attributed to Somali pirates last year — down from 237 in 2011.
Here are 9 really weird sentences that are perfectly accurate
Trust us.
Somali piracy is down 90 per cent from last year
New security measures take effect – but there are still “suspicious approaches” to ships.
Exports down as port and shipping volumes fall
The Irish Maritime Development Office said it expects little improvement in manufacturing orders across Europe for the rest of the year.
In pictures: The aftermath of the Titanic tragedy
Shivering survivors, grief-stricken relatives waiting on the docks and shock in the White Star Line offices: a pictorial record of the world receiving news that the ‘unsinkable’ ship had done the unthinkable.
Who gets to keep goods salvaged from ships - and at what risk?
In the wake of the Rena and Concordia disasters, takes a look into ship salvaging and the ownership of ‘lost’ cargo.
Pirates attack Italian ship near Somalian coast
Some 23 crew members were aboard the vessel, which was reportedly attacked by five armed men.
Investigation due as 7,000-tonne ship refloated
Marine Minister Simon Coveney criticises ship operators for not heeding storm warning.