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Poll: Should Irish colleges ban spirits at student parties?
Stanford University has prohibited high alcohol volume spirits over 20% for undergraduates on campus.
Stanford University has decided to ban spirits at student parties
The policy has been criticised as a tone-deaf response to the Stanford rape case.
Irish whiskey will always have to be made in Ireland
In the last decade, Irish whiskey exports grew by almost 200%.
Phantom footsteps and flying bottles: Ghost stories from Dublin's John Mulligan's pub
It’s not just pints they serve at Mulligan’s – they have spirits too.
A century ago Irish whiskey dominated the world - so what happened?
Exports aren’t expected to hit the peaks of over 100 years ago again until 2020.
How Irish whiskey has been brought back from 'near extinction'
Thousands of rural jobs could be created if the local sector recreates the success of the Scotch industry.
A famous Irish whiskey is going Mexican after swap deal with Jose Cuervo tequila
Diageo in return is to acquire Tequila Don Julio outright.
Here's how much a pint costs in the Dáil bar these days
Still cheaper than most other bars…
Americans are acquiring a taste for Jameson - but it's not so bright at home
Sales are up nearly 10% in America, but are struggling at home.
Details on minimum pricing of alcohol to be published today
Cheap alcohol has been targeted under the new pricing rules.
WATCH: Ghost caught on camera robbing an off-licence
This shocking footage will spook you out.
Poll: Have you reduced your alcohol consumption in the past year?
In the last year, the amount of alcohol consumed in Ireland fell by 4.4 per cent.
'Drunken Irish' no more: Alcohol consumption falls 20% in 12 years
The amount of beer drank in the last year increased but the consumption of cider, spirits and wine all fell.
Average Irish adult drank equivalent of 411 pints last year
That might sound like a lot, but it’s almost 100 pints fewer than the average in 2001.
Column: 7 things to know about teenage drinking (and how to deal with it)
Are your teens heading to a New Year’s Eve party? Sheila O’Malley has some tips on how to navigate the issue of teenage drinking.