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Trailer Watch: Which film will you see this weekend?
Here’s a few options for weekend watching.
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'I've always been scared of the dark - but I've faced Pennywise, so at least I can battle this monster'
We talk to one of the stars of the new film IT Chapter Two, Chosen Jacobs.
# Down memory lane
Soccer celebrations, carrying sandbags over hills, and ending a 28-year wait for Ulster glory
As Cavan go in search of an Ulster SFC crown, The42 looks back at their last triumph in 1997.
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Israeli police detain dozens in 'horror clown' craze
The craze is an extension of a similar fad prevalent across the US last year, and coincides with the release of the Stephen King adaptation ‘It’.
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Brendan Gleeson is winning rave reviews in the US for his starring role in Stephen King's new TV show
And it’s creepy AF.
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Stephen King is tired of you moaning about Game of Thrones spoilers
Spoilerville. Population: this post.
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NSFW: Here's everything that was wrong with the original Carrie movie
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Tales of '47 and '97 - Kerry and Cavan's memorable past clashes
Two famous matches took place between Kerry and Cavan in 1947 and 1997. Will next Sunday’s game be remembered like those two?
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The Shining sequel: 7 things we know about it
Stephen King has announced a follow-up to his famous horror story, 35 years after the original.
Michael D wasn't the only one slamming the Tea Party
An old audio clip of the Irish President has gone viral on the other side of the Atlantic today. But he isn’t alone in his criticism of the movement.
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6 super-rich people who say 'tax me more'
Higher taxes for higher earners – what a silly thought, right? But some of the world’s richest are in agreement.