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# Take a Break

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# Take a Break
WATCH: Why this Instagram star revealed she was 'living a fake life'
She has deleted thousands of photos and quit social media.
# Take a Break
WATCH: The awkward moment this politician discovered her interview was live
# Take a Break
Cop tries to break up fighting teenagers, gets involved in a dance off
The teenager in the video says it’s the first positive experience she’s had with police.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch three sumo wrestlers running the 100 metres*
*It’s more like 40 metres really. They are surprisingly quick though.
# kala and kiera
Remember these hugging dogs? They finally have a new home
The two pups were saved from being put down in July, but still needed a forever home.
# Take a Break
Meet the newest recruit to a police bomb squad in Australia
Boxer is joining New South Wales police.
# Take a Break
Take a break and try to figure out this brain-melting riddle
It’s a tricky one.
# Take a Break
Clerys may be gone, but Clerys Santa will still be here this Christmas
All that’s changed is the location.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch this tiny insect robot fly and swim in water
It’s the size of a paperclip.
# Talons of Justice
Take a break and look at this absolutely insane ad for a lawyer
Talons of justice!
# transgender children
This video shows what it's like to raise a transgender child
It’s very touching.
# Break Time
Take a break and watch this man annoy his girlfriend with puns during labour
Somehow, she doesn’t strangle him.
# Take a Break
This gorilla and a kitten becoming best friends is beyond adorable
# blood curdling
Take a break and watch a tampon dressed as a pirate teach you about periods
The Period Song.
# Take a Break
This viral young fella really wants his mam to buy a bumper pack of maxi pads
Kids, they’d mortify you.
# Brooklyn
Take a break and watch Saoirse Ronan sail to the States and get her Oscar buzz on
The new trailer for Brooklyn was released yesterday.
# Take a Break
These guys got their ears pierced for the first time, here's how they got on
Do they scream, cry, or just take it like a pro?
# Take a Break
Google gave the guy who bought a reward - here's what he did with it
Some late night googling got him there.
# Take a Break
A Facebook glitch led to two strangers falling in love
“In a huge world full of awful sh*t, real love is capable of bringing strangers together in truly unimaginable ways.”
# Take a Break
Watch a dog drive a little boy around in a toy car
Driving Miss Daisy.
# Take a Break
Watch Richard Nixon get egged as he travelled through Dublin
The US President was on a three-day visit to Ireland in 1970.
# Take a Break
Take a break and take a look at the most un-metal metal logo ever
Party Cannon is the internet’s new favourite heavy metal band.
# Take a Break
Watch these Sikh men remove their turbans to rescue drowning boys
When a group of children got overwhelmed at a religious festival the two men stepped in.
# Take a Break
The internet thinks that this could be a merman being carried out of a lake
Is it, really?
# Take a Break
Remember 'The Dress'? Well now it's a Halloween costume
Thought it had gone away?
# Take a Break
Watch Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai doing card tricks
The Pakistani activist is multi-talented.
# Take a Break
This 105-year-old Japanese man has set a world record for the 100 metre sprint
It really is never too late.
# Take a Break
The internet has fallen in love with this old man who built a ‘dog train’ for rescued pups
Eugene Bostick has been looking after his area’s dogs for the past 30 years.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch Liam Neeson read the words 'Eat s**t fart breath Neeson'
Watch the Irish thespian respond to online abuse.
# Take a Break
This toddler appeared dead for 12 minutes before miraculously coming back to life
Doctors are baffled by her recovery.
# Take a Break
Watch Viola Davis' moving speech after becoming the first black woman to win Best Actress Emmy
“The only thing that separates women of colour from everyone else is opportunity.”
# Take a Break
Take a break and check out Kodaline performing on an Aer Lingus flight
Inflight entertainment sorted.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch this dog beg his owner for forgiveness after making a mess
We want to own this dog.
# Take a Break
This terrifying video shows a crocodile propelling itself out of the water with ITS TAIL
Warning: Don’t watch this before bedtime.
# Take a Break
Take a break and enjoy these words of advice from people of all ages
‘Indulge your sweet tooth, you’ll need dentures soon anyway.’
# Take a Break
Take a break and try to figure out this confusing puzzle
Can you solve it?
# Take a Break
VIDEO: Irish men get to grips with tampons, sanitary pads and pantyliners
“These are party tampons.”
# Take a Break
Irish dad captures fatherhood perfectly in this two minute video
Take a break and let Patrick and Benji entertain you.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch same-sex couples explain some daily struggles
In a video for Buzzfeed UK individuals explain some of the unique issues they encounter.
# Take a Break
Can you solve this head-wrecking riddle?
There’s a lot more to escaping zombies than it seems.