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# The Troubles

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4th June 2023 - 10th June 2023
# The Troubles
'Absolutely horrendous': Woman who witnessed father being shot by IRA denied Troubles' scheme
Jeanitta McCabe witnessed her father being shot multiple times in her family home in 1990, but this has not been deemed a ‘Troubles-related incident’.
Last month
May 2023
# Memorial
Wreath laying takes place to mark 49th anniversary of Dublin-Monaghan bombings
35 people were killed by four no-warning bombs in 1974.
# The Troubles
UVF provides report to family of John Crawford, who the group killed almost 50 years ago
Paul Crawford said there had been “good will, honesty and integrity” shown across the process, and received “full answers”.
This year
Events marking 25th anniversary of Good Friday Agreement take place across island of Ireland
Victims of the Troubles gathered in Co Down to watch the sunrise this morning.
Political figures involved in the negotiations 25 years ago gathered for a commemorative event at Stormont today
Communities in the North are marking the anniversary with reflective events
Brian Rowan: The magic of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 was how a firm 'no' became 'yes'
25 years on, leading Republican and Loyalist agree North is still waiting for 'peace dividend'
# The Troubles
Amnesty International calls for Irish Government to ‘put a marker down’ over UK’s legacy Bill
The legislation proposes offering immunity for people accused of crimes during the Troubles – as long as they co-operate with a new truth recovery body.
# Dungannon
Kingsmill Troubles inquest ‘a painful and frustrating process for victims’ families’
The long-running proceedings heard final submissions today.
# Aidan McAnespie
'We didn't want a pound of flesh': Aidan McAnespie's brother critical of sentence for David Holden
David Jonathan Holden, 53, was sentenced to three years at Belfast Crown Court this afternoon.
Last year
# The Troubles
State Papers 1999: Mo Mowlam told Alec Reid she was 'f****d' if paramilitary killings continued
The late former NI Secretary of State was speaking as the decommissioning impasse rolled on.
# The Disappeared
Families of Disappeared brave rain for walk in memory of loved ones
Relatives gathered together under umbrellas to say prayers, led by priest Father Joe Gormley.
# The Troubles
Troubles victims’ group calls Legacy Bill 'the biggest abuse of human rights in UK history'
The Legacy Bill would see a form of immunity offered to those who agree to co-operate with a new truth recovery body.
# The Troubles
Halted prosecution of Soldier F over Bloody Sunday murders to resume
Prosecutors last year announced they were discontinuing the proceedings.
# Arrest
UK police arrest man at airport in connection with IRA's 1996 Manchester bomb
Greater Manchester Police have said that the man was arrested yesterday at Birmingham Airport.
# The Troubles
Service to mark 50 years since Claudy bombing in Northern Ireland
Nine people were killed and 30 injured when three car bombs exploded on July 31 1972.
# Northern Ireland
'Utterly shameful' Troubles legacy legislation clears the House of Commons
MPs voted 282 to 217 to give the Northern Ireland Troubles Bill a third reading.
# 1974
Name of baby Martha O'Neill added to Dublin and Monaghan bombings memorial on Talbot St
Baby Martha O’Neill was stillborn three months after the bombings on 17 May 1974.
# The Troubles
Ballymurphy Massacre: Families receive 'significant damages' in court case against UK government
Ten people, including a mother of eight and a Catholic priest, were killed in the British Army shootings.
# Northern Ireland
Coveney has 'serious concerns' around new Troubles amnesty legislation
The proposals are almost universally opposed by political parties across the UK and Ireland as well as victims’ groups.
# Amnesty
UK Government set to bring forward Troubles legacy proposals
It comes the day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Northern Ireland in a bid to restore power-sharing.
# The Troubles
Tweaked Troubles amnesty plan met with opposition
Under UK Government proposals, immunity for Troubles-related crime will depend on co-operation with an information retrieval body.
# newspaper reporters
Journalists Vincent Browne and Henry Kelly urged to help Belfast Troubles inquest
Browne has said he was “totally unaware” of any efforts made by a Belfast coroner to contact him in relation to the inquest.
# Derry
Judge quashes decision not to proceed with Soldier F Bloody Sunday prosecution
Bloody Sunday families had challenged a number of decisions not to prosecute taken by the PPS.
# Aimee Mackin
'It’s probably similar to what’s happening in Ukraine' - growing up in the North during conflict
‘We were playing football in the garden and the British soldiers were walking up the road across from us because there was a barracks close enough to where I live.’
# Collusion
RUC 'deliberately destroyed' files on Sean Graham bookmakers massacre
Eight loyalist attacks attributed to the UDA or its Ulster Freedom Fighters cover name have been examined in an ombudsman’s report.
'A terrible atrocity': Thousands attend Bloody Sunday memorial to remember victims
Several events are taking place in Derry to commemorate victims on the 50th anniversary of the massacre.
Relatives of those killed and injured on Bloody Sunday attended a remembrance walk to honour those who died
Micheál Martin took part in the remembrance walk and laid a wreath at a ceremony held afterwards
President Higgins will later say the tragic events of 50 years ago today "reverberated across this island and around the world"
Bloody Sunday 50: The long and continuing fight for justice
Bloody Sunday took music out of our house, brother of victim says
# Derry
Michael D Higgins, Micheál Martin and Jeremy Corbyn to feature in Bloody Sunday commemorations
Micheál Martin will lay a wreath at the memorial to the victims of the tragedy.
All time
# The Troubles
Decommissioning demands during first IRA ceasefire ‘were pointless’
Senior security figures told Irish officials two months before the ceasefire ended that the insistence on prior decommissioning was unnecessary.
# Peace Process
John Hume 'literally cried on Martin McGuinness's shoulder' amid health concerns in 1994
The SDLP leader later retired from public life after 40 years as an activist.
# The Troubles
UK Supreme Court rules PSNI decision not to investigate Hooded Men case was unlawful
The ‘Hooded Men’ were detained and subjected to extreme interrogation methods in 1971.
Patrick Kielty: The past left trauma on all sides, but the future of this whole island looks bright
The comedian and broadcaster shares the text of his stirring speech made at the Shared Island Forum earlier this week.
# What could have been
'I don't think I've quite forgiven them for what they stole from me'
In April 1987, an IRA car bomb killed two people and ended the career of Ulster flanker Nigel Carr, who was driving to Ireland training with two team-mates.
# Northern Ireland
Experts say UK government's plans for 'official' Troubles history would be 'almost impossible'
The proposal was first reported last weekend.
# Belfast
Trial of former British soldier for Troubles killing is adjourned after he's taken to hospital
Dennis Hutchings is charged with the attempted murder of John Pat Cunningham in Co Tyrone in 1974.
# Dennis Hutchings
British Army veteran challenges admissibility of document in Troubles trial
The former soldier’s trial also heard from a war veteran and former MP who described the defendant as the epitome of the best class of officer.
# The Troubles
Operation Kenova interim report into Troubles era murders to be published
It is reviewing a number of historic offences which occurred during the Troubles including more than 200 murders.
# The Troubles
Former British soldier to stand trial over Troubles-era killing of Aidan McAnespie
A cousin of Aidan McAnespie said today’s decision came as a “relief” to the family.
# The North
Stormont politicians reject UK government plans for Troubles 'amnesty'
The Assembly was recalled from its summer recess as anger grows over proposals to deal with legacy in NI.
# Classified Documents
Tony Blair's 1997 Famine message was ghost-written by aides as he couldn't be contacted
The 1997 speech, marking the 150th anniversary of the Famine, did not have input from the then-Prime Minister, files show.
# The North
NI political leaders hold ‘robust’ talks, co-chaired by Coveney, on Troubles legacy plans
Stormont is to be recalled on Tuesday to debate plans for a statute of limitations on Troubles crimes.
# Nothern Ireland
Anger over UK government’s plan to ban Troubles prosecutions continues to grow
A former chief constable said the plans for a statute of limitations did not sit comfortably with him.
# Northern Ireland
Johnson's claim that halting prosecutions will 'draw a line under the Troubles' provokes outcry
The proposed Troubles amnesty has been labelled the “mother and father of all cover-ups”.