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Last month
November 2023
Transgender people can be baptised in the Catholic Church, Vatican says
The comments were made in a document responding to questions from a Brazilian bishop and approved by Pope Francis.
This year
Texas becomes biggest US state to ban treatment for transgender minors
Governor Gregg Abbott signed the ban into law yesterday.
Debunked: Leo Varadkar did not say that 'biological males' shouldn't be put in female prisons
In Scotland, non-violent prisoners may still be housed according to their gender expression.
Taoiseach: Ireland should avoid 'woke versus anti-woke' fight over education about trans people
Leo Varadkar said that Ireland should avoid the culture wars brewing in other countries.
Last year
Opinion: Reflecting on 2022, the LGBT+ community is hopeful of progress in the year ahead
Adam Long of the National LGBT Federation (NXF) takes stock of what 2022 meant for the LGBT+ community, and what the focus should be in 2023.
Further investment in trans healthcare services needed, clinicians tell TDs
A report by
Tadgh McNally
The briefing was organised by Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan and Independent Senator Michael McDowell.
Explainer: How will the changes to UK Gender Identity Services impact on Ireland?
The HSE is aiming to establish a specialist service in Ireland.
Aoife Martin: When you question trans people's rights, it shows you see us as second-class citizens
Our columnist writes in the wake of the Liveline controversy that trans rights are at the forefront of the so-called ‘culture wars’ – but it’s not going to stop at trans people, she says.
Dublin Pride terminates media partnership with RTÉ over Liveline coverage
Dublin Pride said the discussions on Liveline about transgender people were “unacceptable”.
Transgender MP advises young people not to 'wait as long as I’ve waited'
MP Jamie Wallis has opened up about his transgender experience in a tell-all interview.
British Cycling suspends its transgender participation policy amid Emily Bridges fallout
The UK governing body has put the policy on hold pending a review.
All time
Extract: 'Well', I said to her - 'I have something to ask you but I don’t want to upset you'
In this extract from her book, Philippa Ryder writes about a question she asked her wife-to-be which changed the course of her life.
97% of LGBTI+ youth are struggling with anxiety, stress or depression
Six in 10 people are struggling with suicide ideation and half are struggling with self-harm, according to a new survey.
'We can't keep relying on other countries': HSE begins hiring experts to oversee service for trans youth
Teni has welcomed the fact that a consultant psychiatrist and a paediatric endocrinologist are being hired.
Aoife Martin: No, streaming can never beat the magic of the cinema
Our columnist shares her love of the cinema and laments the impact of lockdown and streaming on the whole experience
Aoife Martin: 'Trans people have existed since the first organism crawled out of the primordial soup'
On International Transgender Day of Visibility, our columnist highlights how vital that increased visibility is for trans kids.
'The lack of medical support is a travesty': Trans people facing five-year healthcare waiting list
On Transgender Day of Visibility, Teni CEO Éirénne Carroll talks to The Journal about access to healthcare in Ireland and worrying developments in the US.
Aoife Martin: The abuse endured by trans people every day shows Ireland has a long way to go
This week, our columnist highlights the challenges faced by trans people every day.
'We can't keep sending trans people abroad for major surgery with no aftercare when they get home'
The Irish healthcare system is failing transgender people and forcing them to go abroad for treatment, Noah Halpin has said.
Trans children being referred to healthcare service that 'doesn't exist yet'
The Transgender Equality Network of Ireland said the situation is “very concerning” and will impact up to 100 people.
A question on gender identity won't be in Census 2022 - but may be in future ones
British citizens will be asked about their gender identity for the first time, the country’s national statistician said on Friday.
Biden overturns Trump ban on transgender US troops
The move undoes Trump’s controversial decision in July 2017 to bar transgender personnel from serving “in any capacity” in the military.
Transgender healthcare report recommends all patients receive psychological support in Ireland, not UK
The long-awaited report has been published by the HSE after a number of delays.
Aoife Martin: 'There are few people as expert in their own healthcare as trans people are - we have to be'
Our new columnist writes about the importance of listening to trans people when it comes to healthcare, sparked by a recent visit to the doctor’s.
US Supreme Court rejects appeal seeking to limit transgender students
Parents had wanted to prevent transgender students from using changing rooms and bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.
Taoiseach says it's 'not satisfactory' that trans healthcare report hasn't been published
The National Trans Healthcare Steering Committee has raised concerns about the status of the report.
Juno star Elliot Page announces he is transgender
Elliot posted on Instagram today to his social media followers.
World Rugby advises against transgender women playing elite women's rugby
New guidelines have been drawn up to cover the participation of transgender athletes in men and women’s contact rugby.
'I read, watch movies, listen to music... My life, as a trans woman, is very ordinary indeed'
‘People out there will tell you being transgender is as simple as filling in a form. I can assure you that it is not,’ writes Aoife Martin.
JK Rowling publishes new blog post after controversial comments about transgender women
The Harry Potter author wrote about aspects of her troubled past in a blog post.
JK Rowling criticised for tweets about transgender people
On Twitter, Rowling mocked the use of the term ‘people who menstruate’.
Trans people with gender-aligned passports and birth certificates less likely to feel suicidal, new research finds
More than 22,000 trans men and women were surveyed for the study.
JK Rowling voices support for woman sacked after transgender tweets
Maya Forstater lost her job after tweeting that she opposed proposals to reform the UK Gender Recognition Act.
'Devastating': Trans people on wrong waiting list for years after referrals were 'misplaced'
Over 100 people were affected by the HSE’s error.
Three complaints about RTÉ Prime Time's report on transgender issues rejected by BAI
One complainant argued the programme was “harmful to transgender people”.
'It pens people in': The challenges of accessing transgender healthcare in Ireland
Transgender people speak of the challenges of transitioning in Ireland.
Vatican issues document rejecting idea that people can choose or change gender
The document was immediately denounced by LGBT Catholics as contributing to bigotry and violence.
Pentagon issues new limits on transgender troops
The latest action was swiftly condemned by Democrats and civil rights advocates.
Transgender in Ireland: What are the laws around changing your gender?
The government is considering proposals to allow children aged 16 and 17 to self-declare their gender.
US Supreme Court allows for Trump's restrictions on transgender troops to come into effect
The high court today reversed lower-court orders preventing the Pentagon from implementing its plans.