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#twisted doodles

12 of the best Irish Father's Day cards you can get for the world's best aul fella

You’ve a while yet to buy one, don’t sweat.

This cartoon perfectly sums up how the weather affects Ireland's national mood

“Should I wear a jacket or not?!”

This cartoon perfectly sums up the struggle of getting your mam a Christmas present

“Sure don’t worry about me, I don’t want anything.”

This cartoon perfectly sums up unexpected sunny days in Ireland Go On My Sun This post contains a poll

If your phone photos were developed by a 1980s Irish country chemist...

“You took all these yourself”.

This cartoon describes Irish begrudgery PERFECTLY

“He’s awful FOND of himself now.”

Irish artist explains why we're all being attacked by flying ants

In this rather nice poem.

Wondering why you suddenly feel rubbish about yourself?

Blame television!

What's your ex doing now?

A brilliant new Irish Tumblr has some suggestions.