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November 2023
UK police issue appeal for murder suspect they believe may be in Ireland
West Yorkshire Police are seeking to locate Emile Riggan and Louis Grant, who are wanted for the murder of a 19-year-old man in Leeds.
This year
Hundreds have joined UK police who should not have been allowed, says inspector
Inspector of Constabulary Matt Parr said many officers had failed to declare ‘big red flags’ such as prior convictions.
All time
Wembley murders officers jailed over ‘shameful’ WhatsApp images
Deniz Jaffer and Jamie Lewis took photos of the scene they were assigned to guard after sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were found dead.
Police in Scotland at the scene of two 'serious incidents' in Kilmarnock
One of the incidents is at Crosshouse Hospital, while a second happened in Portland Street in the centre.
Two people arrested by UK police over Essex lorry deaths
One of the men arrested is from Northern Ireland.
Woman charged with murder of Irishman in London last year
Adrian Murphy was found dead in June 2019.
Gardaí and Birmingham police working together to take down the last remnants of the Kinahan cartel
A number of senior members of the cartel had fled to the Midlands city in a bid to rebuild their crumbling empire.
Two Irish men are wanted in the UK in connection with the murder of an 87-year-old man
Police are keen to talk to Jimmy Michael Connors, 28, and Tom Joseph Ward, 17
Seven UK police officers hospitalised after incident with chemical substance during routine arrest
Officers were conducting an arrest when they became aware of a chemical hazard in the building.
Four cleared of using UK police chopper to film nude sunbathers
Prosecutors said the helicopter’s powerful camera was used to film outdoor sex acts.
Police dig up garden of paedophile friends of Fred and Rose West
The Williams’ were known friends of serial killers Fred and Rosemary West.
WATCH: UK police release shocking new video of 1984 Libyan embassy shooting
A Libyan man has been arrested in connection with the killing of 25-year-old police officer Yvonne Fletcher.
British police raid village pub in search of 'Holy Grail'
*Indiana Jones theme plays*
UK police hunt 'Cinderella' thief who left shoe at crime scene
Shoe must be joking us.
UK police enlisting Muslim women to help stop young people going to Syria
Police will hold meetings across Britain today with women from different community groups and government officials involved in preventing extremism.
The 'IRA' claims responsibility for devices sent to British Army recruitment centres
The claim was made to Northern Irish media at the weekend according to UK police.
Girl, 3, killed after wind blew buggy in front of van in London
The 36-year-old driver was arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving.
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Scotland Yard detective arrested over phone hacking inquiry
Meanwhile, the second person arrested today is reported to have worked for the News of the World.
Man arrested over BlackBerry messages planning... a water fight
Social networks are under scrutiny from UK police after they were used to organise looting in last week’s riots.
Twelfth person arrested over phone hacking allegations
London police have arrested a 61-year-old man in connection with the ongoing investigation into the alleged hacking of phone messages.
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Aid worker murdered in England after row with boyfriend over Facebook video
Angela Hoyt, a Red Cross worker who had just returned from a mission in Pakistan, reported her ex for harrassment after her hacked her Facebook account and posted an anti-Israeli video.
Gardaí circulate appeal over murder of family in Northampton, England
UK police continue to search for information regarding the whereabouts of the man they suspect of being involved in the deaths of four people, including two teenagers.
Northampton family killings suspect lost court case against victims
Police in the UK have released more information on the stabbing of four family members at the weekend, and of the man they are anxious to speak to in connection with the deaths.
UK police name suspect sought over family's death
A unversity lecturer, his wife and their two daughters were found dead at their Northamptonshire home at the weekend.
Riots erupt in Bristol as police raid property used by squatters (videos)
Violent clashes erupted after police forced their way into a building occupied by squatters across the street from a new Tesco shop.
12 detained in UK on suspicion of terrorist activity
Unarmed police arrest a dozen men during raids in England and Wales early this morning.
Police wreck sports car after confiscating it from owner
Two officers arrested male driver for suspected drink driving. But his bad day was about to get worse…
UK police releases 20 images of unidentified bodies
Artist’s impressions of the unidentified victims of rail accidents across Britain since 1975.
Police apologise for hitting teenage girl with Taser
Officers missed their mark and struck teen bystander.