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Biden rejects calls to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets as Russia claims advances
Ukraine has expanded the list of weaponry it needs to be better able to drive Russian forces from occupied territories.
Ukraine has expanded the list of weaponry it needs to be better able to drive Russian forces from occupied territories.
But US president Joe Biden has appeared to draw the line on supplying American fighter jets to Ukraine.
It comes as a Kremlin-appointed Donetsk leader claimed Russian forces were advancing near a strategically valuable town.
Tom Clonan: How Leopard 2 tanks could give Ukrainian forces a 'dramatic advantage'
# missile threats
Johnson says Putin threatened him with missile strike during phonecall before Ukraine invasion
The Kremlin has disputed the claim, saying there was “no threats with missiles” during the conversation.
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January 2023
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Ex-FBI agent charged over ties to Russian oligarch
Charles McGonigal is accused of investigating a rival oligarch in return for secret payments from an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
# Russia
Russia says it controls battered Ukraine town of Soledar
The Kremlin has made capturing industrial Donetsk region, where the small town is located, its primary objective.
# Airstrikes
Russia will step up exploding drone attacks on Ukraine, Zelenskyy says
The Institute for the Study of War said Vladimir Putin is looking to strengthen support for his strategy among key voices in Russia.
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# Ukraine
Russia has shown no 'meaningful' interest in ending Ukraine war, US says
Putin earlier today told reporters that he hoped the conflict ends “and the sooner, the better.”
# Dmitry Medvedev
Former Russian president says country is ramping up production of 'most powerful' weapons
Medvedev, who serves as deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, did not provide details of the weapons.
# Ukraine
'We have not gone crazy': Putin says Russia will not be first to deploy nuclear weapons
The Russian president said the threat of nuclear war is “rising”, but said that Russia would only use a nuclear weapon in response to an enemy strike.
# Ukraine War
Kremlin rejects Biden's offer to talk with Putin if he intends to end war in Ukraine
The American leader made such talks conditional on support by Nato allies.
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Vladimir Putin says decade ahead is the 'most dangerous' since World War II
The Ukraine offensive is only a part of the ‘tectonic shifts of the entire world order,’ Putin said.
# Ukraine War
Putin declares martial law in Ukrainian regions Russia claims to have annexed
The Kremlin has published a decree saying martial law will be introduced from early tomorrow.
# Ukraine
Ukraine claws back more territory in strategic southern Kherson region
Ukrainian forces penetrated Moscow’s defences in the region, one of the four areas that Russia is trying to absorb.
# War in Ukraine
Pro-Moscow officials say occupied area has voted to join Russia
Neighbouring countries have seen Russians arriving en masse since the draft was announced last Wednesday.
# Vladimir Putin
Putin says military reserves to be conscripted in first TV address since February
The Ukrainian leader warned against giving in to Putin’s threats.
Vladimir Putin was speaking on Russian television this morning.
In his address he said he was partially mobilising Russian reservists and former soldiers.
Key week for Ireland's term on UN Security Council during Ukraine-dominated General Assembly
Tom Clonan: Putin’s military miscalculations in Ukraine may prove to be his undoing
# Defiance
Russian President and Chinese leader hail 'great power' ties at talks defying West
It was their first face-to-face talks since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.
# Ukraine
Chance for peace in Ukraine is 'minimal' at present, UN chief says after call with Putin
“I have the feeling we are still far away from peace,” Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.
# Moscow
Russians bid farewell to Gorbachev, but without Putin
Hundreds of mourners, including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, lined up to file past Gorbachev’s open casket.
# nord stream
EU ready if Russia turns off gas supplies, Commissioner says
“We are not afraid of Putin’s decisions,” Paolo Gentiloni said.
# Putin
Putin signs decree making it easier for Ukrainians to live and work in Russia
The decree allows Ukrainian passport holders who have entered Russia since Moscow’s invasion to live and work there indefinitely.
# Russia
Ukraine plans international court to put Putin on trial
The plan is for a special international tribunal to investigate Russia’s alleged “crime of aggression”.
# russian invasion
Six months on: How the war in Ukraine has developed over the last half year
Vladimir Putin launched the war on 24 February with the anticipation of a quick victory, but Ukraine has held on.
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Daughter of Kremlin hardline ideologue killed by car bomb
Russian media has reported that the family of Daria Dugina believe the blast was intended to target her father Alexander.
# Sabina Higgins
'Time to move on' from Sabina Higgins letter controversy, says Taoiseach
Taoiseach says the Irish Government position is that Russia should withdraw, but says ‘peace is something we all want’.
# Controversy
Fenerbahce refuse to apologise after fans' 'Vladimir Putin' chant
On Thursday, Uefa announced it was opening an investigation into the supporters’ conduct.
Russia to quit International Space Station 'after 2024'
Russia and the United States have worked side by side on the station, which has been in orbit since 1998.
# russian invasion
Russia summons British ambassador over 'offensive' Putin comments by Boris Johnson
The UK Prime Minister said that Vladimir Putin would not have started the war in Ukraine if he was a woman.
# Russia
'I'd take a bullet for first-class person Putin' - former Formula One boss Ecclestone
The 91-year-old made the comments during an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Great Britain.
# Russia
Putin and Macron discuss Ukraine arms, grain supplies
The talks lasted for 80 minutes.
# Russia
Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny loses appeal against nine-year prison sentence
The new sentence will replace the one he was handed in February 2021, meaning he will remain behind bars for another eight years.
# Russia
Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny set to appeal nine-year prison sentence
The opposition leader had his two-and-a-half year sentence extended after he was found guilty of fraud and contempt of court in March.
# Stockholm
Sweden confirms decision to apply for Nato membership
Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson called it “a historic change in our country’s security policy” as she addressed legislators.
NATO assures Ukraine open-ended military support against Russia
NATO Jens Stoltenberg has said Ukraine can win the war against Russia.
# Kharkiv
Ukraine 'could win war by end of year', as Putin warns Finland that joining Nato is a 'mistake'
Major General Kyrylo Budanov also made unverified claims that a coup is already under way in Moscow to depose President Vladimir Putin.
"The breaking point will be in the second part of August," Major General Kyrylo Budanov said
The intelligence chief also made unverified claims that a coup is under way in Moscow to depose Putin
Putin told his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto that Finland scrapping its military neutrality would be a "mistake"
Russian soldier accused of war crime put on trial in Ukraine
Russia continues assault on east Ukraine as Finland moves towards joining Nato
Kyiv is preparing for its first war crimes trial of a captured Russian soldier.
Kyiv is preparing for its first war crimes trial of a captured Russian soldier.
Gazprom announced it would stop supplying gas via the Polish part of the Yamal-Europe pipeline.
Finland's president and prime minister have said they are in favour of applying for Nato membership.
Russia urged to annex Ukraine's Kherson, Moscow claims Kyiv bombed Russian city
# Sergei Lavrov
Israeli PM Bennet ‘accepts apology from Putin over Hitler remarks’
Russia’s foreign minister made comments about the Holocaust that were deeply offensive to Jews.
# Zaporizhzhia
Two British aid workers 'captured' by Russian forces in Ukraine
It comes as Russia carried out an airstrike in Kyiv.
Paul Urey and Dylan Healy were "captured" by Russian soldiers at a checkpoint near Zaporizhzhia.
One person has been killed in a Russian strike on Kyiv during UN Secretary General's visit to the capital.
Zelenskyy said the strikes were an attempt by Russia to "humiliate" the UN and everything it represents.
US President seeks $33 billion package to send arms and aid to Ukraine
Poland and Bulgaria to receive gas from EU neighbours following Russian supply halt
# Ukraine
Kyiv hit by Russian air strikes as UN Secretary General visits
Antonio Guterres urged Russia to cooperate with the International Criminal Court investigations into possible war crimes.
# donbas
West vows more Russian sanctions as Ukraine war enters new phase
Russia’s defence ministry said that “high-precision air-based missiles” had hit 13 Ukrainian positions in parts of Donbas.
# new sanctions
European Union backs new sanctions against Russia, including on coal imports
The deal was given the final political go-ahead in a meeting of EU ambassadors and will be enacted once published in the EU’s official journal.
# oligarchs
Superyacht worth over €100 million and owned by oligarch with close ties to Putin seized by US
The Tango is a 254-foot vessel carrying a Cook Islands flag, a Civil Guard source said.