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Wet wipes: 50% of brands labelled 'flushable' actually contain microplastics (and shouldn't be flushed)
The researched looked at how sanitary products are polluting Irish oceans.
People told to not leave tap running or flush wipes down the toilet amid Covid-19 crisis
Irish Water has also advised businesses to make sure there is “no unnecessary use of water” .
Poll: Would you support an environmental tax on wet wipes?
Irish Water cleared more than 6,000 sewer blockages around the country last year.
8ft fatberg made of wet wipes and nappies removed from sewer in Wicklow
People have been urged to be more mindful of flushing inappropriate things down the toilet.
Call for wet wipes to have 'mandatory warnings' because of their damage to environment
The wipes contain plastic and can clog up sewers and cluster on beaches.
Poll: Do you use wet wipes?
It cost over €7 million to remove these products from the sewer network in 2017.
Wet wipes and sanitary products cause over 500 sewage blockages every month
The problem costs €7 million per year to address.
No ban on wet wipes just yet but flushing them is causing 'severe problems' to water network
The UK is looking at banning them but we’re waiting on a report from the EU commission before taking any action.
You might think twice before using wet wipes again...
A Cork student has found that the wipes don’t dissolve in water – even after 17 months.
14-tonne 'fatberg' discovered in London sewers
It’s a giant blob of congealed fat and wet wipes.