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This year
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'Toadzilla': Record-breaking cane toad found in Australia believed to be largest of its kind
Cane toads were introduced in Queensland in 1935 to control the cane beetle, with devastating consequences for other wildlife.
Last year
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Wicklow landowners fined €1,000 each for setting gorse on fire out of season
Burning living vegetation during the closed season is an offence under Section 40 of the Wildlife Acts 1976-2018.
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Drivers urged to be cautious around deer breeding season
Deer are particularly at risk from late September to early November as they move around more.
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Elderly Australian man killed by kangaroo he may have kept as a pet
This is the first fatal kangaroo attack since a man died trying to save his dogs from a kangaroo in 1936.
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Feeding wildlife like Phoenix Park deer 'could lead to them being more aggressive to get food'
Researchers from UCD studied the deer in order to see what the impact of feeding wild animals is.
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People caring for injured wild animals reminded they must have a suitable licence
Application for a licence has been streamlined.
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Farmer fined €500 for poisoning protected bird species in Co Wicklow
The Minister of State for Heritage called it a “particularly heinous and disturbing wildlife crime”.
# Wildlife Act
'Butchered and mutilated': How the government was alerted to out-of-season hedge-cutting last year
Hedge-cutting and burning is banned every year between 1 March and 31 August.
Activities of farmers, commercial tree-fellers and a GAA club were among the complaints submitted to the Government.
Hedge-cutting and burning is banned every year between 1 March and 31 August under the Wildlife Act.
Law aims to protect and maintain wildlife diversity by establishing areas where wildlife can thrive in spring and summer months.
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Monkey, gecko and succulent bamboo among 224 new species found in Greater Mekong
WWF said the newly identified species showed the region is a nature ‘hotspot’ but action is needed to protect wildlife.
All time
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23 white-tailed eagles arrive in Kerry Airport as part of wildlife reintroduction project
The chicks were collected this June from nests throughout the Trondheim area of West-Central Norway.
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Single Asian hornet found 'alive but dying' in north Dublin home
This is the first time the invasive species has been found in the wild in Ireland.
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Quiz: How much do you know about swallows?
A sign that summer is almost here.
Endangered fish thrown away and dead whales on our shores: Fishing's ocean impact
Noteworthy reveals over 30 tonnes of threatened fish were discarded in one year, including the endangered basking shark and critically endangered skates.
Opinion: Close encounters of the dolphin kind - swimming with Dingle's beloved Fungie
Brian Holmes and Sheila Stokes had the pleasure of spending years with the Dingle dolphin, who became known as Fungie.
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Reminder issued about hedge-cutting ban to protect birds during nesting season
A breach of the Wildlife Act can result in a conviction and fine.
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'Whole ditches disappearing overnight': hedgerows falling foul to larger farms
Noteworthy finds biodiversity in a battle with some farming practices – and a low level of accountability demanded by the Department of Agriculture.
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Men charged for possession of 345 white-clawed crayfish, a protected species
The judge was told that 50% of the illegal catch was probably breeding females, which could have had a huge impact on the crayfish population.
Extract: Moving to the country helped me discover the secrets of the natural world
Richard Nairns details some of what he discovered when he moved to Ned’s Wood in Co Wicklow.
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Human activity sends wildlife into ‘freefall’ with 66% drop in global populations since 1970
Charity WWF is calling for national laws to stop the impact of human activity on nature.
# Good eyes
Spiders, sharks and science: The best pictures from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards
The photos come from the almost 50,000 entries to the Natural History Museum’s competition.
# RHD2
Presence of deadly rabbit and hare disease confirmed in six counties across Ireland
Cases of the disease have been found in Cork, Clare, Leitrim, Offaly, Wicklow and Wexford.
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Quiz: Native Irish bird species are in decline - test your knowledge on them before they disappear
Can you tell your curlews from your corncrakes?
# Laois
Two men convicted after destroying nests of four bird species during out-of-season hedge cutting
Hedge cutting and burning is banned every year between 1 March and 31 August.
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These stunning images from Netflix's Our Planet took four years to capture
The new series is voiced by David Attenborough.
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Lion kills young worker in US conservation park
Alexandra Black had spent just 10 days as an intern in the facility.
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200 elephants to be moved to Mozambique as part of effort to prevent falling numbers
The operation will be one of the country’s largest ever elephant relocations.
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Irish lizards thriving in the heat, but fires pose a particular danger
The warm weather means they can reach their optimal temperature without having to bask for hours.
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50 live crocodiles from Malaysia seized at Heathrow Airport
Each box only had room for four crocodiles but 10 had been packed into each one.
# Protected
Westmeath councillor wants to take pine martens off the protected species list
Fine Gael councillor Tom Farrell wants a controlled cull in the numbers of pine martens to be done.
# Pygmy tribes
Wildlife groups accused of abuses against tribes 'in the name of conservation'
Activist group Survival said “green colonialism” is not just destroying lives but also harming conservation.
# Photography
These are some of this year's best wildlife and nature photos from around the world
Feel like taking a trip into the wild?
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PSNI successfully use drones to keep watch over peregrine crime hot-spots
One nest that has been maltreated for the past 30 years was saved as a result of the operation.
# a mighty shade of pale
Two rare and magnificent white giraffes have been spotted in Kenya
The giraffes have a condition known as leucism.
# pride of cork
First-ever litter of Asian lion cubs born at Fota Wildlife Park
Asian lions are endangered as there are only about 500 individuals remaining in the wild.
# crab watch
Volunteers wanted to help spot crabs on Irish coasts
What you spot will be recorded as part of an EU-wide programme Sea Change.
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Experts bewildered by ‘lightning strike’ surge in fatal bear attacks in Alaska
Forest trails have been closed and events cancelled in the wake of the attacks.
# normal beehaviour
A swarm of bees swept through Midleton's main street today
The Irish Wildlife Trust says it has received a few sightings of huge swarms of bees this week.
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Police using drones with cameras to target shooting and poisoning of birds of prey
The most frequent casualties were buzzards and the recently re-introduced red kite.
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Farmers defend 'extreme and irresponsible' gorse bush burning as best practice
The recent spell of dry weather has left firefighters battling gorse bush blazes, with farmers often blamed for starting them.
# indigenous species
New plan to stop extinction of corncrake in Ireland
The bird used to be widespread in Ireland but is now only found along the north coast of Donegal and in the west of Mayo and Connemara.