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June 2024
Breeding woodpeckers spotted in Killarney National Park for first time in centuries
This year
'The sound of extinction': One man's mission to record Ireland's precious birdsongs
Quiz: How well do you know Irish gulls?
Birds coated in oil found on east coast as Coast Guard tried to locate spill offshore
Opinion: The Hen Harrier is the canary in the coal mine for upland biodiversity in Ireland
Ciaran Brennan
Human destruction of nature threatens migratory mammals, fish and birds, report declares
Last year
National Centre for Species Survival opens in Dublin Zoo with goal of conserving native animals
Transparency concerns as no hearings held at nature sites Appeals Board in almost two years
EU court says Ireland broke nature laws by failing to protect hundreds of sites
150 years after they became extinct in Ireland, ospreys to be reintroduced this summer
Quiz: How much do you know about frogs?
Public reminded not to cut hedges from today to protect nesting birds
'Toadzilla': Record-breaking cane toad found in Australia believed to be largest of its kind
All time
Wicklow landowners fined €1,000 each for setting gorse on fire out of season
Drivers urged to be cautious around deer breeding season
Elderly Australian man killed by kangaroo he may have kept as a pet
Feeding wildlife like Phoenix Park deer 'could lead to them being more aggressive to get food'
People caring for injured wild animals reminded they must have a suitable licence
Farmer fined €500 for poisoning protected bird species in Co Wicklow
'Butchered and mutilated': How the government was alerted to out-of-season hedge-cutting last year
Monkey, gecko and succulent bamboo among 224 new species found in Greater Mekong
23 white-tailed eagles arrive in Kerry Airport as part of wildlife reintroduction project
Single Asian hornet found 'alive but dying' in north Dublin home
Quiz: How much do you know about swallows?
Endangered fish thrown away and dead whales on our shores: Fishing's ocean impact
Opinion: Close encounters of the dolphin kind - swimming with Dingle's beloved Fungie
Brian Holmes & Sheila Stokes
Reminder issued about hedge-cutting ban to protect birds during nesting season
'Whole ditches disappearing overnight': hedgerows falling foul to larger farms
Men charged for possession of 345 white-clawed crayfish, a protected species
Extract: Moving to the country helped me discover the secrets of the natural world
Richard Nairns
Human activity sends wildlife into ‘freefall’ with 66% drop in global populations since 1970
Spiders, sharks and science: The best pictures from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards
Presence of deadly rabbit and hare disease confirmed in six counties across Ireland
Quiz: Native Irish bird species are in decline - test your knowledge on them before they disappear
Two men convicted after destroying nests of four bird species during out-of-season hedge cutting
These stunning images from Netflix's Our Planet took four years to capture
Lion kills young worker in US conservation park
200 elephants to be moved to Mozambique as part of effort to prevent falling numbers
Irish lizards thriving in the heat, but fires pose a particular danger
50 live crocodiles from Malaysia seized at Heathrow Airport