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# Women's Rights

This year
Dozens of Afghan women blocked from leaving to study on scholarships in the UAE
Around 30 women had been sponsored to study in the UAE but were prevented from taking their flights.
UN finds no progress on biases against women in a decade despite global rights movements
The report found that amongst both men and women biased gender norms are prevalent worldwide.
Hundreds march through Dublin on International Women's Day
Protestors chanted “women’s rights, migrant rights, same struggle, same fight”.
Analysis: The six-month rule for Mother and Baby Homes redress does not add up
Barrister Seán Beatty says the government’s six-month rule around compensation is impossible to justify.
Last year
Iran ousted from UN women's rights body over protest crackdown
The US led the campaign for Iran’s removal.
American VP Harris moves to remove Iran from UN women's commission
Iran has been facing protests in the wake of the 16 September death of Mahsa Amini in police custody
Ruth Coppinger: Savita 10 years on - why we need a permanent memorial
Maternity care must change forever in this country so we never see another case like Savita’s, writes Coppinger.
Analysis: The rights of women and girls in Ireland have come a long way - here's how far
Emma Bowie & Oileán Carter-Stritch look at how women’s rights have improved in this country, on International Day of the Girl.
Opinion: It's time we designed a better politics for women that benefits us all
Minister of State Peter Burke says he’s hoping to make real change for women in public life.
'A step backward for women's rights': America reacts as Roe v. Wade is overturned
The decision has been met with mixed reaction from civilians, lawmakers and politicians on either side of the political divide.
Women TV presenters defy Taliban order to cover faces on air
Since regaining power last year the Taliban have imposed a slew of restrictions on civil society.
Roe v Wade: What you need to know about the 1973 case that enshrined US abortion rights
Jane Roe – a pseudonym for Norma McCorvey – sued the Dallas Attorney General, Henry Wade.
All time
UN to review Ireland's record on human rights, conversion therapy and Traveller discrimination
Minister for Equality Roderic O’Gorman will lead the Irish delegation and deliver a speech at today’s hearing.
Only boys will restart secondary school in Afghanistan tomorrow
In Kabul, workers were seen raising a sign for the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.
As the Taliban cement their position, they've been making clear their views on the role of women
Concerns about women’s rights have continued to grow since the Taliban took over Afghanistan last month.
'We need enormous effort': Coveney leads UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan in New York
The foreign affairs minister visited the 9/11 memorial earlier today.
First foreigners on commercial flight fly out of Kabul since US pulled out
New Taliban government faces opposition with scattered protests in Afghan cities
Afghan women stage protest outside presidential palace in Kabul
The protesters are urging the Taliban leadership to uphold women’s rights and include women in the government.
Tom Clonan: The Irish Army Ranger Wing face a treacherous Kabul - but they are highly trained
The security expert says every person evacuated from Kabul by the ARW will represent a life transformed, free of Taliban persecution.
'We fear what is coming': Women in Kabul speak out as Taliban takes back control
Women in Afghanistan tell The Journal “everyone is living in fear” since the Taliban regained control of the country.
Women living in Kabul tell The Journal "everyone is living in fear" since the Taliban regained control
Females in particular are afraid to leave their homes, Órla Ryan and Laura Byrne write
"We simply do not know what they have in store for us. All we can do now is wait," Mahbouba Seraj says
Photo shows more than 600 Afghans on US military flight hours after Kabul fell to Taliban
Joe Biden's defiance over Afghanistan tests global alliances
GP: My patients do not need to see your placards with your value judgements
Dr Brian Kennedy says recurring abortion protests outside healthcare clinics are wrong and need to stop.
Turkey criticised for pulling out of landmark treaty protecting women
The convention requires governments to adopt legislation prosecuting domestic violence and similar abuse.
Holly Cairns: The gender pay gap is a scandal - we must resolve to end it
In the week when we celebrated International Women’s Day, the Social Democrats TD says we should settle for nothing less than equal pay for equal work.
Citizens' Assembly meets to discuss constitution clause on ‘women in the home’
The Assembly heard that Article 41.2 of the Constitution came from “a very different time, for a very different Ireland.”
'It didn’t matter to her that the establishment might be upset': How Marian Finucane brought women's stories to the fore
The broadcaster used her platform to discuss topics that were rarely if ever spoken about in a public forum in Ireland.
First Citizens' Assembly weekend on gender equality to be held in February
It will discuss the reasons women are still paid less, find it harder to reach top positions, and carry an unequal share of the burden of care.
El Salvador: Woman who was jailed after her baby was stillborn is acquitted in court
The 21-year-old said “it was hard the whole time I was inside.”
'Girls are forced to have sex in exchange for sanitary pads or 50 cents'
Young female activists are working to improve people’s lives in the largest urban slum in Africa, Kibera.
Taoiseach says there is an 'epidemic' of violence against women
The government today ratified the Istanbul Convention which obliges it to protect women from all forms of violence.
Opinion: It is time for change in the Catholic church and that starts with equality for women
‘Guided by the Holy Spirit we must come together and find new inclusive governance structures to replace the old patriarchal model, which has broken down’, writes Colm Holmes.
11 emotional tweets about this week's historic repealing of the Eighth Amendment
“It’s a moment brought about by a movement in the streets, civil disobedience, and young people and women in particularly fighting for change. Let’s keep it up!”
Cost of rolling out abortion services in Ireland will be 'significant', says Harris
The abortion legislation will be introduced in the Dáil next week
'A towering figure in the struggle': Tributes after death of women's rights campaigner Sylvia Meehan
“Her death marks the passing of a remarkable woman of whom it can truly be said: ‘She made a difference’.”
Government accused of trying to 'press gang' committee to delete Constitutional women in the home reference
It had been suggested that the clause should be amended rather than deleted.
'Putting our shameful past behind us': Mother and baby home forum meets for the first time
How to memorialise the past, as well as what health and well-being supports are needed for former residents will be discussed.
'She was living in a derelict building dripping with damp under a tin roof. The year was 1998'
During the making of No Country for Women, we journeyed with women today to learn more about their mothers’ and grandmothers’ lives, writes Anne Roper.
President Higgins unveils plaque at Dublin Castle where an Irish suffragette smashed a window
Hanna Sheehy Skeffington was one of the founders of the Irish Women’s Franchise League, which aimed to ensure that women got the right to vote as part of the Home Rule Bill.
Women's rights activists arrested ahead of Saudi driving ban lift
They were detained for “attempting to undermine the security and stability of the kingdom”.
How people in Cork are fighting back against FGM
“People don’t speak about it unless a victim of this heinous crime speaks out.”
'Unacceptable sexist behaviour': Spanish women stage unprecedented strike for rights
Women earn 14.9% less than men in Spain.
International Women's Day 2018: Here's what Irish women need
IWD is an important moment to look to the changes we need to make for women’s equality, writes Orla O’Connor.