Celebrity Home Of The Year was on last night and Twitter was BET into it

Because who doesn’t love a good snoop?

CELEBRITY HOME OF the Year had everyone talking last night.

It featured senator David Norris, broadcaster Eoghan McDermott, former Xposé host Lorraine Keane, rugby player Mike Ross and author Melissa Hill.

Three expert judges were tasked with scrutinising the famous gaffs – no mean feat, considering the high standards.

Melissa’s place had flamingos everywhere.

Not on the lawn though because her husband would go mad, natch.

Source: RTÉ

Source: RTÉ

Source: RTÉ

Lorraine Keane had a wardrobe straight out of a Barbie dream house.

Source: RTÉ

Source: RTÉ

The gaff was also originally made up of 8 (!) flats. Some job.

Source: RTÉ

Source: RTÉ

Senator David Norris bought his city-centre Georgian house 40 years ago, calling the restoration process “a great adventure”.

He also said he ‘wasn’t a rich man’, but I’d imagine people struggling to make rent every month with the rental crisis would find that hard to believe.

Source: RTÉ

Source: RTÉ

He’s also been given 17 portraits as gifts, which he hangs in his home, obvs.

Source: RTÉ


The thing Eoghan McDermott was most proud of in his gaff? His TV unit.

Source: RTÉ

Source: RTÉ

He also attempted to bribe the judges.

Source: RTÉ

Very subtle.

Mike Ross’ wife Kimberly, original from Connecticut, oversaw the renovations in their home.

Source: RTÉ

Source: RTÉ

Naturally, as Irish people, we were automatically concerned about the cleaning.




People were lusting after Lorraine's wardrobe ...



... Though they questioned her candle obsession.


And others envied other things - like Melissa's knife holder.


Goals indeed.

People loved Senator Norris' well-loved Georgian home.



However, with homelessness levels on the rise and people continuing to be squeezed out of the property market, the show wasn't absolved of criticism ...





We won't spoil who won the €5,000 charity prize if you still have to catch up.

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