Dingle pub Dick Mack's is appealing for the return of an antique clock stolen by a stag party

It dates back to the 1900s.

OH NO. SOMEONE has stolen legendary Dick Macks’ original Railway Time keepers clock, dating back to the 1900s.

Source: Facebook

The family heir loom was taken on Saturday night by a Stag Party around 10pm in the old kitchen room.

They’re offering free booze in exchange for the clock, and ask that the perpetrators can return it with no further questions before they hand in the CCTV to gardai today.

We are currently going over cctv and will be forwarding to gardai tomorrow morning.  Reward in the form of whiskey and Guinness!

Source: Dick Macks

The pub posted the plea on their Facebook page yesterday, with many agreeing that this is why we can’t have nice things.

Moral of the story… ban stag parties.
What a disgrace!! Hopefully the word will spread and sober minds will prevail.
You could almost say that time is running out for the perpetrators. I’ll get my coat.

The clock looks a little something like this.

The pub is known for also selling handcrafted leather boots, belts, and key fobs, as well as being lined with old family memorabilia, books, and it’s famous old-fashioned snug.

Source: aineecoyle

Any chancers with info, you can contact them via their Facebook page.


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