15 iconic Fade Street moments to celebrate its return to the RTÉ Player

Ireland’s version of The Hills.

FADE STREET IS back. The iconic reality show from 2010 is now fully available on the RTE Player.

1. When Louise and Vogue had to decide who would go to Oxegen and it was SO DRAMATIC

2. When Louise went APE at Dani for not taking her shit out of the washing machine for five days

Dani was f*cking RAGING Stephen had to leave.

It’s like livin’ with a f*ckin’ MAM.

3. When Louise and Dani initially met and Louise dropped this absolute clanger of a line

I’m so happy, you’re actually gorgeous, I was kinda worried I was gonna get some freak.

4. When Paul rocked up to Oxegen telling everyone to f*ck off

5. When Dani got the train from Wexford into Heuston

How’d she manage that?

6. When Keith called Dani an ‘oxygen thief’

Dani accused him of coming on to her, despite seeing Cici. He wasn’t impressed.

Dani: I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.
Keith: Whatever. You’re a waste of oxygen. Essentially you’re just an oxygen thief.

7. When he left Dani’s party to go back to Wex and gave us the line of the series

8. When Louise lied in her new internship so she could swan off to Marbella for a week

‘Family commitments’ my hole.

Then got called out on it.

Were your family in Marbella at all?
I did say family commitments. I wasn’t with them, no.
So you lied.
Well it’s almost like a ‘friends are family’ kinda thing.

9. When Louise said ‘congratulations’ after her interview

Bye, lovely meeting you.
It was so nice to meet you too, and congratulations.

10. That time Louise pied this lad who just wanted a little kiss

11. Vogue getting acting lessons from Janet from Love/Hate

12. When Michael O Doherty went OFF at Melina for letting Dani and her mates into the VIP party

I remember the guestlist. I don’t actually remember a list that said ‘tattooed fuckwits’.

13. When Louise got this message from Georgia Salpa

14. Dani showing up extremely late for her first day at MCD

Yeah but Dani y’know it takes about forty minute to get to Dun Laoghaire. It’s gonna take you ten minutes to walk to the DORSHT.

15. And finally, when Diarmaid said Halo in Galway was like a ‘pussy buffet’


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