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7 times a little bit of Ireland popped up on Countdown


ON NOVEMBER 2, 1982 Channel 4 was launched in the UK – and the first ever show broadcast that afternoon was the inimitable Countdown.

Down the years it’s gone through some legendary presenters and served its purpose for when you’re bored and there’s nothing else on telly.

The odd time though, a little piece of Ireland has seeped into the famous studio.

1. Like when the perfect Irish insult appeared as a Countdown conundrum

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“Him? He’s an absolute tinycraic.”


“Minus craic”

2. There was that time Colin Murray informed the UK of one of our greatest ever sporting legends: the Mayo GAA curse

3. Sometimes, you couldn’t pick a better word for the contestants to be forced into using

You’re not going to turn down an eight just because it sounds slightly rude.

4. Remember that time they made a hames of pronouncing sliotar

5. A classic conundrum produced this snigger-worthy starting point

Mrs Brown on the left there.

6. At least we know “camogie” is a legit answer on Countdown going forward

7. And finally… when Father Jack made an appearance and could only manage a four letter word

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He tried his best.

Happy birthday, Countdown.

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