What's in my makeup bag? Danii Thomas

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

Each week, we’ll be taking a peek into some of our faves’ makeup bags to see their must-have products, because we’re nosey. This week, it’s the turn of podcaster and comedian Danii Thomas.

Her earliest makeup memories

“I was never really bothered with makeup until I was 14, when Gerard Way appeared to me in a dream and said ‘you’re not a real emo unless you’re more eyeliner than girl’. So, I ran with that.

“My signature look was over plucked brows (not filled in), black shadow smudged all over my eyes (using my FINGER), a tonne of eyeliner with around 8 coats of mascara (spider lashes were SO HOT), almost half a pot of dream matte mousse (that was two shades too dark for me) and maybe, like, a pound of Barry M lip gloss. Frankly, I think I’ve disimproved.

These days, my look is still smokey but I’ve sold out and learned how to blend … Conformist.”

Her makeup bag and what’s inside

“I actually keep quite a lot of junk in my every day makeup bag. I’m about the ‘go hard or go home’ way of life.

“As a primer, I use the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. It’s a huge 100ml for super cheap AND you smell like dude all day. I’ve never actually had another primer that’s worked this well for me, so I can’t see myself changing any time soon.

Source: Target

“My foundation is Too Faced’s Born This Way. That name is absolute BS, because it changes my face COMPLETELY. I can go from looking like the surface of the moon to like, the underside of a rice crispy bar in seconds.


Source: Ulta

“I’m big into highlighters. Once I run out of one, I always try something new. This one is the Mary-Loumanizer by The Balm, and it’s great for making me look like Mr. Burns when he’s doped up and glowing. I most definitely DO bring you love.

Source: Cloud 10 Beauty

“I use Hoola bronzer by Benefit to carve out my chubby moon face. Fake cheekbones are cheekbones none the less. I always keep the Naked Heat palette with me for my eyes. I love warm dark tones because I’ll never not be a member of The Black Parade.

Source: Belk

“I use Urban Decay Perversion liner and mascara and the Inglot 77 gel liner for my eyes, because I’m an emo kid, and emo kids cry a lot, and this won’t budge. Even when I Don’t Love You comes on, and you remember when Shane Reck broke your heart that ti- … It stays really well, basically.

Source: Urban Decay

“I literally just use any brown eyeshadow I have handy for my brows. I always keep them groomed and tinted, so I never need to do much with them.

“For lips, I always keep two shades of liquid lip with me. They’re both by LASplash and they’re both greige shades, because I think they go super well with warm toned eyes. Also, I like my look to scream “I’m dead but I’ve not been dead long enough for rigor mortis to set in or to start smelling so I’m still cute”. I’ll only ever wear matte lips now, which is a far cry from all the lip gloss that used to drip from my mouth in school.”

LASplash Velvet Matte in 'Marshmallow Meringue'

Source: LASpalsh

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