11 things you'll know if you lived in Shanowen during college

Were you Shanowen Hall or Shanowen Square?

1. Firstly, you had to choose between Shanowen Square and Shanowen Hall

And you would maintain your allegiance to whichever one you stayed in forever more.

2. And the race to get a room there gave you nerves every year

3. Remembering the entry codes was the bane of your life


Source: Giphy

4. There was always a session happening somewhere

Even if you promised yourself that you wouldn’t go out, you couldn’t really avoid the session in Shanowen because they were constant.

*goes out for a sneaky can*

Source: Giphy

5. And you were on first name terms with the security guards

Sure, didn’t you have many a late night chat with them?

6. You lived for that time of year when there was a sudden influx of international students

So glamorous, so exotic.

Source: Giphy

7. Nothing but the fear of God into you like the dreaded inspections

*frantically hides broken photoframe and strategically places mat over carpet stain*

Source: Giphy

8. And you probably incurred a fine at some stage

For displaying your empty cans on the windowsill, obvs. (True sign of a ledgebag.)

Source: Flickr

9. The Spar was your saviour

Too lazy to do your shopping in the Omni? Chicken fillet roll in Spar, be grand.

10. In fact, you were inundated with messages from them

Thanks Spar.

11. And even though you don’t live there anymore, it still has a special place in your heart

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