The BBC reckon Galway is a part of Northern Ireland according to its Storm Eleanor coverage

It’s a never ending geography lesson, isn’t it?

But alas, I’m sorry to say that they are at it again.

As you’ll have heard, Storm Eleanor has caused massive damage across the country, most notably in the west of Ireland.

In particular, Co Galway experienced high flood levels.

Source: Richard Chambers🎙

Yes, that is someone driving a mini directly into the storm. But anyway.

As the Beeb reported on the storm, (which was hitting the BRITISH ISLES, so they stressed), they filed the story under ‘The UK’ on its website.

More puzzling still, was that it was then sub-filed under ‘Northern Ireland’. at 08:18 on 3 January 2018

Let’s pull up a quick map of Ireland just to see where we’re at.

Great, now let’s zoom in on that.

There’s a sizeable visual distance there between Galway and Northern Ireland, isn’t there?

Maybe even 300 kilometres worth (roughly)?

Source: Google Maps


Right then … Who wants to tell them?

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