A Dublin woman became the 'unexpected star' of Michael McIntyre's Big Show and absolutely smashed it


MICHAEL MCINTYRE’S BBC show airs every Saturday night on BBC 1, and is broadcast to millions of people. It was some audience for a woman from Dublin.

Source: BBC

Every week, they pluck someone out of the public who have a passion for singing, and surprise them with a chance to perform on the West End stage at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

On Saturday, it was Ciara Mackey, a doctor from Dublin, now working in Belfast.

Source: Youtube

She paid for medical school while singing in pubs, so her boyfriend Simon thought she deserved the opportunity to sing to a bigger audience.

The whole thing started by convincing Ciara she was going to London for a romantic weekend in the Grand Hotel

Source: BBC

Her mam was even in on the joke

She explained that she’s been singing since she was three or four.

Source: BBC

It doesn’t exist, and she was instead surprised with a fake room, which opened up on to the stage

The whole thing was EXTREMELY elaborate, with the whole Royal Theatre turned into a fake hotel.

Source: BBC

She was surprised, to say the least.

This is the face of a woman who hasn’t got a CLUE what’s going on

Source: BBC

Michael asked her how she was feeling, and all she could muster was:

What’s… happening?

But she absolutely smashed her performance

She sang On My Own like she owned that stage.

She can sing AND she’s a doctor? Leave something for the rest of us.

Watch the full thing here, it’s well worth the twenty minutes

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