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# 1986

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Stunning scenes as USA sensationally fail to reach World Cup for first time since 1986
The night Peter Robinson and a gang of masked loyalists invaded a Co Monaghan village
1938 Ireland: Post office clerk fired after £10 disappeared and he bought new suits and a bicycle
The government brought in word processors in the 1980s - and civil servants weren't too happy
Irish ambassador said Russians blaming Chernobyl staff was a 'typical Soviet tactic'
The Government opposed giving any special money to help people left devastated by Hurricane Charley
The secret songs, pleading letters, and big name snubs of Ireland's plans to entertain Ronald Reagan
'Doomed to live alone': Mother pleads with Garret FitzGerald for divorce referendum
Ireland's death penalty was a 'quaint throwback' but not everyone wanted to get rid of it
Ireland risked a PR disaster by billing for post mortems following the Air India 747 bombing
1984: Letters from UK praise Irish people for their 'warm humanity' and generosity after Band Aid
'Play your war games somewhere else': Anger as submarines caused havoc for Irish fishing industry in 1986
30 years ago most Irish people wanted garda killers to be executed
Ireland tried to ban smoking in public in 1986 - and Big Tobacco was not impressed
Government urged to help free priest charged with murder of Filipino mayor
Aran sweaters, Avoca rugs and Waterford Crystal Statue of Liberty: Gifts Taoiseach gave Ronald Reagan
'It outsold U2' - an album of Bosco songs was one of RTÉ's biggest hits in 1984
'Sell water to Saudi Arabia and turf to England': A Londoner's advice to Garret FitzGerald
1986: The levels of radioactive material in Irish water, milk and vegetables following Chernobyl
1986: Mother of four abused by husband writes letter to Taoiseach outlining need for divorce
Irish politicians really wanted Bob Geldof to win the Nobel Peace Prize
A Donegal child wrote a letter to Garret FitzGerald in 1984 having a sly dig at Charlie Haughey
Government investigated whether Josef Mengele spent time in Ireland after World War II
'A punishment from God's own hand' - the Irish got Biblical in their objections to 1985's contraception law
Government considered using 'AIDS argument' in David Norris gay rights case
Enda fan wrote to 1986 Taoiseach to say people in the west happy with Kenny's latest appointment
Take 4: Homes for every budget around Ireland
So just how young is the country's youngest junior minister?... The Edge has hats that are older
5 memorable past Germany-Argentina clashes
On this date: Challenger space shuttle explodes after take-off
A Bluffer's Guide to ... Uruguay