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# Your Say

25th February 2024
Poll: Cillian Murphy has scooped another award for Oppenheimer - have you seen the film?
Last week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Poll: Today is Ireland Reads day - How many books do you read in a year?
Poll: Which Beatle would you most like to watch a film about?
Poll: Should you be able to claim tax back on your gym membership?
Poll: Should Ireland have a dedicated transport police?
Poll: Should the Barbie movie be on the Leaving Cert English syllabus?
Poll: How much should the Tooth Fairy pay for a tooth?
Poll: Have you watched all the movies nominated for Best Film at the Bafta awards?
This month
February 2024
Poll: It's Ed Sheeran's birthday - do you like his music?
Poll: Have you used the Deposit Return Scheme yet?
Poll: How important is the Guinness two-part pour?
Poll: How should RTÉ be funded?
Poll: Do you prefer American-style pancakes or crepes?
Poll: Which are you most looking forward to, Pancake Tuesday or Valentine’s Day?
Poll: Who will win in today's Ireland v Italy Six Nations game?
Poll: Do you support plans to divert through traffic away from Dublin city centre?
Poll: Is Joe Biden too old to run for US President?
Poll: What is the right age for a child to own a smartphone?
Poll: Should the Irish women's basketball team boycott their match against lsrael?
Poll: Should SUV owners be charged more for parking in Dublin?
Poll: Do you pay attention to Northern Ireland politics?
Poll: Would you support limiting teenagers to restricted phones until they turn 16?
Poll: Are you travelling this bank holiday weekend?
Poll: Should Sinn Féin boycott the White House this St Patrick's Day?
Last month
January 2024
Poll: Have you ever watched Suits?
Poll: Should disposable vapes be banned in Ireland?
Poll: Will you listen to Oliver Callan's new radio slot?
Poll: Will you use the new deposit-return scheme to get rid of empty cans and bottles?
Poll: Are you happy with Ireland's act for Eurovision 2024?
Poll: Will you watch tonight's Eurosong contest?
Poll: Will you watch Jon Stewart's return to The Daily Show?
Poll: Should Margot Robbie have received an Oscar nomination?
Poll: Have you noticed a grand stretch in the evening?
Poll: How often do you use cash?
Poll: How many holidays are you planning for 2024?
Poll: Will Storm Isha change your weekend plans?
Poll: Should we still be trying to reach the moon?
Poll: Should the Taoiseach visit the White House this St Patrick's Day?
Poll: Are you struggling to pay your energy bills this winter?
Poll: Should Páirc Uí Chaoimh be renamed?