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7 Guinness World Records that will blow your mind

…and some that will make you want to close your eyes.

A BRAND NEW version of the Guinness World Records Book was released this week…and it’s full of the usual whacky, but wonderful, record-breakers.

The impressive feats of Iron Men and popular musicians and actors are included – Adele features three times, while House star Hugh Laurie can claim to be the world’s most watched man in television drama with the show peaking at 81.8 million viewers in 66 countries.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also make it because their wedding on April 29 this year had the most live streams for a single event.

But it was the more bizarre records that caught our attention – we even had to avert our eyes from some of the images and videos. You have been duly warned.

1. The body part I

The Guinness World Records Book 2012 presents Chanel Tapper…an ordinary full-time student from California. She just happens to have a 3.8 inch (9.75cm) long tongue.

The 21-year-old’s lizard-like tongue is about the same length as an iPhone.

2. Is this the most disgusting record ever broken?

A large proportion of the book could have made this category but this Chinese woman topped our list.

She was able to pass 18 metres of string through her nose and mouth to beat a world record.

3. Simply weird

One Doctor Who fan has taken collecting to the extreme. Rob Hull has spent the past 20 years putting together the world’s largest collection of Daleks.

What are Daleks, you ask?

They are the heavily armed casings for villains from the planet Skaro that feature in the British sci-fi television programme.

His 571-strong collection includes a six-foot, life-size replica model. Check ‘em all out:

4. The body part II

Las Vegas-native Christine Walton has been growing her fingernails for a full 21 years. The new record-holder insists her 10-foot long nails do not prevent her from living a normal life.

Imagine the sound of these scratching across a blackboard:

5. How did he discover he could do that?

This guy in Milan holds a record for being able to lift 23.5kgs of water.

Eh, well that sounds too easy but he lifted them using his…eye sockets! Watch:

6. The holy one

In 2009, Reverend Darrll Best of Illinois in the US, converted his 1940s fire truck into a wedding chapel.

Just two years later it features in the Guinness Records Book as the fastest wedding chapel in the world. “The Best Man” allows couples to tie the know while travelling at speeds of up to 99km/h.

Seriously! Look:

7. Actually, eh, this is kind of cool

One Japanese woman made the book with her unique act, the Super Wan Wan Circus, which includes dogs skipping over a rope.

Ok it is weird but it’s also pretty amazing to watch. Here is Uchida Geinousha and her 13 incredible, skipping dogs:

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