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Last year
Charlie Bird: 'I am so thankful to the people who raised money and will climb with me today'
The broadcaster who is battling motor neurone disease looks forward to today’s climb of Croagh Patrick, with €1 million already raised.
All time
Ice Bucket Challenge co-founder dies aged 37 after battle with ALS
Pat Quinn helped raise millions of dollars to help others with motor neurone disease.
# Breakthrough
The ice bucket challenge: It actually made a huge difference
Around €104 million was raised through people dumping water over their heads.
# TwizzlerChallenge
Is this awkward and elaborate kiss the new Ice Bucket Challenge?
Prepare yourselves.
# lou gherigs disease
Heartbreaking final broadcast as news anchor tells viewers of his fatal condition
In an emotional goodbye the news anchor informs viewers he is suffering from ALS.
# Ice Ice Baby
Someone did the Ice Bucket Challenge with liquid nitrogen, which is really quite dangerous
# D'oh!
Homer Simpson has done the ice bucket challenge
Although it didn’t go quite to plan…
# good cause
Conor McGregor nominates Hugh Hefner, Sinead O'Connor and Eamon Dunphy for ice bucket challenge
Georgia Salpa, Aengus Mac Grianna and Arnie… you’ve all got 24 hours too.
# Vroom
This Galway man took the ice bucket challenge too far with a giant JCB
There’s always one.
Pamela Anderson refuses to do ice bucket challenge due to ALS animal testing
Anderson wants an end to the use of mice and monkeys in research.
Opinion: So... why are people suddenly chucking buckets of icy water over their heads?
One very, very good reason.
# Corey Griffin
The co-founder of the ice bucket challenge has died in a diving accident
The 27-year-old drowned in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Guy with Motor Neurone Disease does an emotional ice bucket challenge
What’s it’s all really about.
# 43
Rory McIlroy just nominated George W. Bush after doing the ice bucket challenge with Tiger Woods
Yeah, you heard right.
# Brrrrrr
17 essential DOs and DON'Ts of the Ice Bucket Challenge
Here’s how to make yours as epic as possible.
# ice bucket chaaaarrrrggghhh
Kid tries ice bucket challenge, but it goes hilariously wrong
The laugh makes it.
# Brrrrrr
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was challenged to dump a bucket of ice over his head... and he did it
# Stephen Hawking
Looking for a job? Stephen Hawking is hiring an assistant
The theoretical physicist is looking for a technical assistant to help him carry out his work as an academic and a public speaker.